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Succumb to the Dark Side: 8 Dark Kitchens to Satisfy your Noir Cravings

Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny, consume you it will…”
― George Lucas

The age old struggle between dark and light happens not just to Luke Skywalker but to Interior Designers too.  I love the all white trend for interiors and white kitchens are some of my all time favorites.  However, I get tired of the crisp and cheerful white sometimes and long for some moody, darkly handsome kitchens for a change.

Here are 8 dark and interesting cabinet kitchens for inspiration in case you’re looking towards the Dark Side…I also have a photo of my own step towards a dark kitchen at the end of this post!

black and white kitchen
Classic black and white is stunning here partly because of the heavy use of black. (Source)
black scandinavian kitchen
An eclectic, Scandinavian kitchen with all black cabinetry. I love the large cabinet on the left. (Source)
dark dramatic kitchen
That’s a great center table for an island and I love the bookshelves in this kitchen – it’s unusual and quite interesting. (Source)
dark and moody kitchen
Wow. Dark and moody – this kitchen looks like an art film set. (Source)
gray victorian kitchen
Striking, minimal and dark grey – this kitchen has a Downton Abbey feel to me that I like. (Source)


dark and glamorous kitchen
Here’s the glamorous side of black cabinetry. (Source)
chinoiserie kitchen
This is just a wild mix of a kitchen – I’m not sure what to make of it, it’s definitely film noir material.  (Source)

Going to the dark side in your kitchen takes a real commitment.  It’s not traditional and it does create a certain, un-kitcheney atmosphere that I think you need to accept.  Dark kitchens can take on a movie set look to them, especially at night – go with it and create your own hero’s journey saga in your kitchen.  Maybe your lasagna will taste better, who knows?

Here’s my kitchen update:

I am in the process of taking my kitchen dark and I wrote about my Mad Men era, pine kitchen in this post from last month and shared my super piney pantry:

Pine hutch

I used Rustoleum’s Cabinet Transformations product in black and it was really easy and looks fine, but I don’t know that you couldn’t get the same results with a few coats of a good primer and a quality paint.  I did finish it with wax and not the manufacturer’s cabinet finisher because I wanted a more antique patina.  The only problem with the wax is that it smelled toxic and took a lot of elbow grease.  I also applied it before putting on the new hardware which was a mistake.  I learned that it’s not an easy thing to touch up wax coated furniture…

black cabinets cottage kitchen
Here the Olde Knotty Pine with a fresh coat of black paint and new, copper hardware.

It does look a lot better – although the white, centrally located outlet needs to be painted and I should apply more wax to the finish that got dinged during installation.  We have a dark kitchen and I’ve found that I kind of like the added drama of the black cabinet wall.  The rest of the house is all white and it’s kind of refreshing to have a moody, British library style in the kitchen.

Awakening the Force (Source)

A mythological image that has to be explained to the brain is not working.”
― Joseph CampbellThe Hero’s Journey: Joseph Campbell on His Life & Work










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