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Creating a Beautiful Home: 4 Tips to Remember

Happy 2016!  I took a few days off here and there over the holiday and had time, in between scarfing down silly amounts of holiday cookies, to think about houses and the process of creating a beautiful home.   I thought I would kick off the first post this year with a few thoughts that have been on my mind recently about homes.

  1. Your home should give you what the outside world does not.  I am paraphrasing something I read recently from a famous interior designer.  I’ve never thought of homes this way – and it made me wonder if I believe this to be true or not.  I think on a fundamental level homes should help you feel at peace and feel comfortable.  I like what John Saladino says “Every home should be a sanctuary: entering it you should immediately feel physically and emotionally protected.”

    Saldino Bedroom
    A cozy bedroom by John Saladino (Source)
  2. A beautiful home is not installed in a day.  The most attractive homes are not put together all at once and they’re not even the ones that come together at that magic moment designers and decorators call Installation Day.  The most memorable homes take time.  As Charlotte Moss says, “Just as a picture is created by adding a dab of paint at a time, the best arrangements are created a step at a time, with pauses so you can step back and see the overall effect.”  As with a beautiful person, time, thought and life experience go into creating a beautiful home.

    Charlotte moss dogs
    A room by Charlotte Moss (Source)
  3. Don’t try to compete with Pinterest (or Elle Decor, or BH&G, etc) I’m guilty of experiencing this compulsion due to the amount of time I spend looking at homes online and in person.  A photograph showing a glimpse of a room, or a glimpse of what you think of as a life, is only showing you what the designer and photographer want to show you.  It’s not the real story and many times the art work is on loan, the plants were purchased that week and the throws and pillows are sometimes returned the next day.

    Emiily Henderson's kitchen
    Emily Henderson’s kitchen complete with a high chair which is a rare animal to see in a styled photo but a quite normal thing to see in real life.  (Source)
  4. Know yourself and your style before making a purchase or undertaking a project.  This goes hand in hand with don’t try to keep up with Pinterest.  I love looking at craft projects from the amazingly talented DIY bloggers out there, but my home craft projects typically end up in the trash.  I realized just recently that I’m artsy, but not crafty.  I tend to think that the two should go together but for me, but they just don’t.  Know yourself and your style before you waste money and time trying to figure out what you like.

    pale green kitchen
    Is pale green your jam? Listen to yourself and go for it! (Source)


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