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An Inexpensive, Rustic Chic Table You Can Make Now

Do you ever walk in someone’s house and just want everything in it even though it’s not even your personal style?  I have a client who’s like that – she’s got house charisma.  We finished her renovation around Christmas and I was at her home yesterday in gorgeous Golden, Colorado getting the main spaces photographed.   I want to share two cool vignettes that show off a clever side table that’s affordable and you can make yourself.

rustic diy table
I love the crate side table stuffed with books! Inexpensive, easy to replicate in your own home and changeable – I love little details like this!

We had the books with the spines facing outwards but found the titles really distracting (Inside Al Quada, a Harry Potter Book, a book on Ben & Jerry’s to name just a few. I am not making this up.) Turning them around takes away the social commentary and turns it into a rustic, charming side table.  The oversized Mason Jar is from Target and the cool chair is from Denver’s Old Glory Antiques.

modern farmhouse table
A larger version of the crated book side table.  The hemp rug is from Sundance.

If you’re trying for the modern farmhouse, rustic chic look – this is for you.  It’s something that if you change it out next week with a side table you love – no big deal. Etsy is a great source to find crates if you want to look online.  Crates are also something you can easily find at your local antique marts.  In the Denver area, I’m partial to the Colorado Antique Gallery – I always find something interesting there.  If you use rustic items like this in your interior – it helps if you keep the rest of the room very simple.  Side crate and book tables can look like you’re living in a hoarder’s paradise in a hurry if you have too much other stuff going on in the room.

If you try this – send me a photo!




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