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She Sheds, Garage Studios and Our Garage Renovation

We just started the process of turning a small detached garage from the 1930’s (I like to generously refer to it as a carriage house) into a studio.  It definitely sounds more romantic than it is – it’s really an asbestos-shingle covered shoebox held together with tissue paper and dreams.

garage conversion before photo
We are lucky enough to have a separate oversized two car garage for the cars and other gear – this was a crowded dumping spot.  You can also see an old, old pump that used to power the circulation for the pond that’s outside the door.
Garage renovation before photo
Emptied – it looks slightly better – but only slightly. I like that it has skylights, it’s completely wired (with 220 even), the ceiling is vaulted, and it’s insulated.

Did you know that there’s this whole thing called She Shed’s?  Evidently, it’s the woman’s answer to the Man Cave.  “She Shed” makes my skin crawl – but the concept is cool and the spaces are great to look at – let’s just collectively think of another catchy title…

She shed small cute
Here’s one of the aforementioned sheds – adorable, right? Although my theory is that if you put cafe lights and a dog in the photo almost anything looks awesome.  (Source)
garage conversion
I love this gorgeous, ivy colored little studio space.  (Source)

I’ve been looking at garage conversions into offices/workspaces online and frankly, a lot of them are uninspired.  They look like someone’s boring workspace just picked up and transported to a room that happens to have concrete floors and a garage door.  I was going to keep our garage door – it’s an older door that a previous homeowner put in to replace the original swing doors.  I thought it might give the space an industrial edge that might be nice, but the alley that the door opens to is old, suburban and raccoon filled.  As it turns out – the door was really easy to remove and the framing went up in a few hours.

garage renovation
This is after we removed the old garage door. There is nice light now (in March)- but it’s west facing and that area is really hot in the summertime.  It’s also just not a nice view.  We decided to completely close it up and open up the rest of the space that faces the yard and the house.

Once the door was removed, it made a huge difference in the space.  I think if it opened to a prettier alley it would have been nice to invest in doors that had some glass in them to let light in, but it’s not an alley you would willingly choose to spend time looking at and I was a little concerned about safety since it’s not a building someone will be in all the time.  It’s also not a building that a new homeowner would ever park a car in.

garage conversion
Here’s Dave cutting through the exterior to put in the new sliding door we ordered.

I ended up ordering a 60″ sliding glass door to open onto the yard.  I wanted french doors (of course) but they were outside of my budget.  We’re putting in 2 more windows and replacing the existing door 30″ door with a glass door.  French doors would have been adorable here, but if I spent the money on them I should put them in the house, not the studio!

Garage renovation story
Here’s the 60″ slider with the rear wall framed and boarded up and new outlets in place.  You can see part of the other garage and Nelson through the door.

When we removed the drywall – I was shocked to find that the vertical studs holding up the roof were spaced a roomy 56″ on center versus the 16-24″ that should have been there.  Once we discovered that, we now have to go back into all the walls and add more vertical supports because good luck hanging anything heavy on those walls!

midget auto races
Here’s an old Denver Post Post from 1939 that was hiding in the walls.  It’s weird that Tobacco was once okay to call “Neat” and that “Midget Auto Races” were a thing (they originated in Los Angeles in 1933).  We’re going to  hide a current magazine in the walls for a future family to uncover.
Before and After Garage Conversion
Since my Garage/Studio project is still under construction – I thought I would share some of the inspiration images I looked at before starting the project. (Source)
Garage remodel
A 2 car garage remodel and a few other spectacular Before and After’s (Source)
Garage renovation
I love this one – it was shed renovation, not a garage, but you get the idea. I love the way the building is nestled into the landscaping (Source)
Interior Design Studio garage
Here’s another interior designer that turned her garage into a workspace/studio. (Source)
garage conversion guest house
I had to include this one – even though the budget for it is nothing remotely like mine – it’s a fantastic garage conversion into a studio and guest house. (Source)







5 thoughts on “She Sheds, Garage Studios and Our Garage Renovation”

  1. Love your work. As being in the shed business I’ve came to notice that She Sheds are growing in demand and even the convenience of having a neat,organized and at times trendy shed can give yourself an extra sense of value to yourself when in you’re in home. Inviting friends its fun too, when they see your new restored shed. I have been to one who has turned it into a backyard pub. So good to know for future ideas. Keep up the good work!

    Cabanon Terrebonne

  2. wow, what a lovely post. I am searching for techniques and ideas for the garage renovation. When I saw your post its really helpful for me. your post is really amazing.I love it. thanks for sharing this amazing post.

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