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The Power of Black in the Garden: 7 outdoor spaces that prove that Black is back

Dark colors for exteriors are back in style and they are increasingly cropping up as a backdrop for gardens and patios.   The dark background does something magical to whatever is placed in front of it.  The greens of grasses, trees and shrubs look greener and any bit of color you place in the environment pops.  It’s interesting that the darker colors – blacks and charcoals in particular – tend to recede in the environment, while the lighter colors come forward.  I think this would be a great trick for a fence in a smaller yard.  I don’t know if you have any Spring garden projects this year, but it might be interesting to think about painting something in your yard black or charcoal instead of white or cream.

Here are 7 photographs of successful gardens with black and charcoal to inspire you!

before garden photo
Here’s a Before photo of a white pergola by Nick McCullough who has a list of great colors to consider for garden structures in Garden Design Magazine, as well as some great design photos. (Source)
After garden photo
The same pergola with dark paint. Lovely and not heavy at all. (Source)
dark wall in a patio
I love the dark background in this patio in California. I think the dark colors work especially well in places that get a lot of sunshine. The Colorado sun can be blinding on white walls. (Source)
black fencing
A dramatic black fence looking beautifully modern and restful. (Source)
black garden screen
Minimal and restful – I love the simple charcoal screen here as contrast to the tropical plants. (Source)
black pergola in garden
Here’s another striking black pergola with a black garden shed behind it. (Source)
black patio
Another dramatic privacy fence painted black (Source)
black pergola water garden
And another black pergola that looks stunning! (Source)

We have an ugly, Park Ranger brown gazebo in our backyard that I was going to repaint white, but now I’m wondering if charcoal gray would work?  I’ve been looking online, but the gazebos that are pictured are always white or natural wood…maybe there’s a reason there aren’t any charcoal gray or black gazebos out there!



4 thoughts on “The Power of Black in the Garden: 7 outdoor spaces that prove that Black is back”

  1. The Osho Resort in Pune is a stunning example of using black outside- not just in the garden but as the external color of all buildings (internally they are white). See Google images for details:

  2. Wow, I really love the black fences that are shown in these pictures. I agree that dark colors can work really well in places that get a lot of light. Not only that, but I bet it’s easier on the eyes to not have light reflected on you.

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