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An Outdoorsy Chair you Should Have Inside: The Hoop Chair

Garden chairs indoors?  Yes!  Lightweight, garden friendly and stylish – the hoop chair adds a chic, outdoorsy feeling to any room.  I love seeing this 1960’s style chair outside, but I like it best indoors.  There are many variations of this chair derived from Hans Wegner’s 1965 “Hoop Chair” (which is a stunner of a chair).  I love all the variations out there of this chair – they are useful sculpture that bring style to any room.

Yellow hoop chair
Yellow!  A lot of my clients love yellow but don’t want it everywhere (like on their walls) – this little chair could satisfy that yellow craving.  (Source)
Rattan chair
A little green rattan hoop chair with a yellow rattan chair in a home filled with spring color and lots of plants.  (Source)
scandinavian chair
I love the unexpected Wegner style hoop chairs in this office – they give it an outdoorsy, Scandinavian vibe (and the cheerful dog doesn’t hurt either). (Source)
wegner chair
This hoop chair looks like the functional sculpture it is in this subtle and sophisticated closet and helps to soften the minimal look.  My closet would never look like this even with that chair.  (Source)

Here are some retail hoop chairs that I like.  Once you start looking for them, you’ll be surprised by how many are available right now from different retailers!

copper chair
Copper and cotton corded hoop chair by CB2 – very pretty! (Source)
hoop wicker chair
Very cute hoop wicker chair from Urban Outfitters who also sell a woven, hoop rocker chair that’s really interesting. (Source)
Green hoop chair
Striking, sculptural and available in a few unusual colors – this hoop chair would up the bohemian vibe in your home quickly! (Source)
rattan hoop chair natural
This densely woven rattan hoop chair would add great texture to a room. (Source)
wegner hoop chair
Here’s the original Hans Wegner “Hoop Chair” designed in the 1960’s – stunning, isn’t it? (Source)



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