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April Obsessions: Art, Design and Life

Here’s an end of the month wrap up of my latest loves in the world of art and design.  I see a lot of images and rooms for my job and I have a tendency to obsess (a slight and gentle obsession, lady-like if you will) over certain things.  I thought I would start sharing these on the blog for monthly inspiration.  I’ll warn you in advance, I’m all over the board here with no segues.

  1. Chunky Sofas
    low chunky grey sofa
    Low, chunky sofas are back in style and this super low, blocky and chunky sofa is my favorite.  I love the casual, loungey yet sophisticated look this sofa brings. (Source)
    chunky leather sectional
    A lot of leather, I know. But this is the shape I’m loving. (Source)

    2. Rattan Bed Frames

Rattan bedframe
A cute little twin, rattan bed frame. I keep seeing these around – there’s something wonderful and airy about them! (Source)
rattan bed
Sure you might not be able to sit up all the way comfortably and read in bed, but look how gorgeous this is! (Source)

3. Record Players

cute record player
Over spring break we stayed at an awesome place in West Texas that had a record player and fell back in love with them. I like the ritual and the sound. Here’s a really cute Jungalow style player. (Source)
record player black and white
Perfect. (Source)

4. Gordon Parks, Photographer 

southern photographer
Gordon Parks photographs from 1956 – called Segregation Story. I saw these a few weeks ago and I haven’t been able to get them out of my mind. Haunting, sad, terrible – all of those things, yet beautifully shot. (Source)
Gordon Parks photo
Gordon Parks, 1956 (Source)




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