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June Obsessions: 4 Art and Design Trends

Here’s a quick look at 4 things that have been floating my boat in the world of Art & Design the past 2 months.

  1. Patterned Tile:  I’m still loving it as a trend.  If you’re nervous about committing to a big space – try it in a small bathroom and keep everything else simple – instant style!
    patterned tile denver
    Here’s a scheme we’re doing in a basement bathroom for a style-loving client. Patterned, geometric floor tile, gray ceramic walls and a raspberry (Rose Parade by Ben Moore) vanity!  That’s a Missoni carpet peeking out on the left.  (Tile and Carpet from The Denver Floor Club)
    Bathroom design denver
    Here’s an affordable and stylish patterned floor tile from Merola Tile that we used in a recent bathroom renovation (See Denver Ranch House Love post). I know, I know – I made the decision to leave the purple towels in for this photo and then had trouble getting them to hang right.  They bother me too! (Photo by Denver photographer Sara Yoder)

    2.  Hanging chairs:  I have one for my new office renovation and ever since I got it – all I see in the online design world are more and more hanging chairs.

hammock chair
Sylvia reads in the hanging hammock chair in my office for hours – it doesn’t look comfortable here, but it’s supportive and extremely relaxing. Nelson is just looking for a goldfish handout.

3. Ukelele’s.  I came to this on my own path (or so I thought) but I think it’s a small trend right now.  I have a client who said she knows multiple people who are picking it up and my mom recently sent me an Airbnb ad with a woman, wait for it, sitting in a hanging chair and playing the ukulele.  Crazy.  I got started on it only because of an older Eddie Vedder album I was listening to – Ukulele Songs.

white ukelele
I got this Uke for Mother’s Day. It’s been a wonderful instrument to work on every evening after work – quite relaxing – my brain can’t worry about anything else except where my fingers go (and keeping a rhythm).

4. Nate Berkus’s office line for Target.  I’m not typically a shopper of cute office supplies – in fact, I would say I’ve been trained to go for the most utilitarian office object available by architect’s I’ve worked with and for in the past.  However – I am a sucker for Nate’s line at Target…

creative work space
I have two, plain black tape dispensers. I don’t need a brass coated French bulldog tape dispenser. Yet…it came back to the office with me.
nate berkus chalkboard
This round, hanging chalkboard from Nate’s Target line also found it’s way to a door in the office. I was going to paint this door with chalkboard paint, but decided not to at the last minute – I think this little bit of chalkboard works perfect.

What about you?  What are you currently into right now?



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