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Outdoor Living: 5 Stylish Indoor/Outdoor Rugs

Trying to pretend you can live outdoors year round in Colorado is a bit of a tough one, but I do know lots of people that try.  “Outdoor sitting” (a sport I’m quite good at) is a short season here, with a random beautiful week in February thrown in sometimes as a bonus, and I do like to make the most of the season.  Here are 5 stylish indoor/outdoor rugs to spruce up your outdoor seating areas this Summer.
black and white tribal rug1. Super cute, right?  This rug would freshen up a back patio in a hurry – trendy but in classic black and white.  Kaleen: Indoor Outdoor Black Area Rug

blue and white rug

2. You can’t hardly go wrong with a classic blue and white color scheme for your porch or garden room.  I love this soft, understated stripe – good for a farmhouse look if you’re trying for that this summer.  Rugby Stripe Light Blue Indoor/Outdoor Rug from Dash & Albert.

Black and white plaid rug3.  Ah – I love this rug!  A blown up plaid in black and white –  it says Summer Lake House to me.  It also reminds me of Schoolhouse Electric’s summer catalog and there is nothing wrong with that!  Safavieh: Courtyard Black/Bone Indoor Outdoor Rug 

4. Striking blue and white outdoor rug with a little bit of an ombre effect – this rug just looks cool and refreshing.  It’s also $34.99. Sommar 2016 Outdoor Rug from Ikea.

astro turf area rug

5. Artificial Grass.  I think I’m going to go for this for my back deck this summer.  Inexpensive and it’s the color we crave in the American West – Green.  I’ve seen people paint stripes on it, stencil words on it and cut it into fun shapes.   Or, go minimal with it for an urban roof deck.  It’s timeless and tacky at the same time.


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