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July Obsessions: Color, Post-Apocalyptic Fiction and Denver Artists

Here’s my monthly round-up of trends and ideas floating around my Denver, Colorado Interior Design practice this month:

Color: Color is creeping back in.  Although, if you’re like a lot of Colorado – it never really left (see my post here).  It’s coming back in the form of kitchen cabinets and other built-ins.  I’ve got a bathroom vanity being finished in a really bold Raspberry for a client, another in a dark orange and here’s a kitchen that I did late last year in Pratt and Lambert’s Noir:

Schoolhouse Electric brass hardware, Organic White Caesarstone Countertops – and Pratt & Lambert’s Noir for the lower cabinets.  For more of this Denver home check out my blog post here.
Green kitchen cabinets denver
Love this unusual green paired with the brass bin pulls and dramatic marble.  Also spotted here – another trend that I love: oil portraits in unusual places  (Source)
Soft green kitchen
This is an interesting color! I’m not sure about the lack of toe kick – it looks very furniture-like without one, but I think I’d scuff the base up! If you’ve got a very old home and want more of an authentic look this would be a great detail.  (Source)

Summer Reading:

Annihilation map
A map from The Southern Reach Trilogy by Jeff Vandermeer – I like the artwork.

Post-Apocalyptic Fiction: I’ve read different theories as to why it’s popular right now but I think for me it relates in part to how fast things move today.  The internet at my fingers, my cell phone always within reach – there’s high stress that comes with all of the “convenience” and there’s a dark attractiveness to the idea that one day, for some cataclysmic reason or another, it could all stop working and we’d have to go back to the way things were.

What are you reading?  I’d love some more ideas – I really need to get off the doom and gloom kick!

In addition to The Southern Reach Trilogy – I’ve also enjoyed The Girl With All the Gifts.  The movie comes out in September if you’re someone who likes a book/movie pairing.
Bird Box
Last but not least, Bird Box – another quick, yet quite memorable, read!

Local Art:

Denver bungalow interior
This is a photo I snapped at a client’s house after we unpacked some art (can you find the bubble wrap?). The art above the fireplace is by Colorado artist Julie Havel
Colorado artist
Julie’s amazing with color – but I love the monotone too! (Source)

Heidi Annalise is another local Colorado artist I’ve been loving this summer.  She’s been trying out these little miniature plein-air paintings in altoid boxes that I’ve been loving.  Her Instagram account is fun and inspiring.

Colorado local artist
Heidi Annalise – a Colorado artist whose little landscapes are suffused with joy (Source).


Do you have any local artists you want to share?  I’d love to know!
















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