Making it Yours: 6 Eclectic Rooms that Work

In the early 2000’s I worked at a high end residential design company in New York City where very little was ever store bought – everything was custom and/or customized, every piece of furniture, every lamp, every accessory either had a provenance or was near and dear to the client’s heart.   When you approach furnishing and decorating a home in this manner – you get an incredibly unique and curated look.  Because of this experience and my natural inclination towards vintage, antique pieces and things that are “different” – I’m always drawn to homes with a mix of the found, the thrifted, the antiqued, the inherited and the customized – the eclectic look.  Here are 7 rooms with different styles (and all rocking the eclectic look) to keep you inspired for creating your own unique home.  Also good to note – a unified color scheme and taking things out of the room (even though you think you’re done) are the keys to getting a pulled together look so your home doesn’t resemble a booth at the Flea Market.

Eclectic Desk with art
A small corner desk – vintage furniture, unique objects and interesting art (hair!) – looks lovely!  I wish I could have white floors!  (Source)
Eclectic fireplace
I love the tree stump here – sometimes when a room starts to look to refined or “precious” add something rough or unrefined to keep it balanced.  I tend to think of it stereotypically as a masculine/feminine balance – I’m constantly looking for that in the rooms I decorate. (Source)
eclectic bedroom
A consistent color scheme pulls this room together: A mix of art, traditional furniture paired with clean lined furniture – there is a lot of “stuff” in this room, but it’s very carefully put together. I like that lucite table!  (Source)
ellen degeneres home book
This is a kitchen / entertaining area from one of Ellen Degeneres’ homes – everything has a provenance and/or a story, everything is placed with purpose.  (Source)
Ecleictic gallery wall
Consistent color scheme again and an interesting mix of pieces!  (Source)
Eclectic living room
Is this too much vintage for you Colorado?  I think it might be, but it’s unabashedly eclectic and I like the humorous spirit of the room. (Source)

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