The Shaker Peg Rail: A Minimal and Beautiful Workhorse of Organization

It’s back to school time in Colorado and if you’re like me, you’re looking around at the hat, backpack, hoodie, jump rope, dog leash, etc mess from Summer and wondering how you’re going to start the school year (or even just bridge the seasonal gap into Fall) successfully without some organization in the home.  This must be why I’ve been fantasizing about the minimal, classic workhorse of hanging organization – the Shaker peg rail system.  I find the simplicity of the Shaker peg rail absolutely beautiful.  I love that you can use it absolutely anywhere!

The Shaker peg rail in use with Shaker Chairs.  Standard peg rail is 6″ per peg and traditionally ran around an entire room about shoulder height. (Source)
They doubled up the peg rails for this hardworking mudroom. (Source)

Another thing that’s really attractive about the peg rail is the ease with which you can wrap a room in it.  The look is simple and non-gimmicky (no iron moose heads here!).  If/When you decide to use one – try to either wrap the room or do a nice long span of it to get the look.  Installing one 4′ stretch is missing the point!

I love this kitchen – the Shaker peg rail above the sink is useful and beautiful and a big “Hello”to that buttercup yellow stove! (Source)
Shaker pegs custom kitchen
Another striking kitchen using Shaker pegs.  I’m intrigued by the backsplash suggested with paint! (Source)

Peg and Rail sells oak, maple, cherry and white peg rails in custom lengths or standard lengths and they have single and double peg rails.  NH Woodworking sells them like this as well – they will custom paint them in a Benjamin Moore color of your choice.  You can also buy peg rail made just like the Shaker’s made them back in 1830 from the Shaker Workshops and I’ve seen quite a few DIY blogs out there showing how to make them yourself.

The High Road House in London with Shaker pegs lining the bedroom. (Source)
Another beautifully simple kitchen with Shaker pegs at work. (Source)
shaker peg stair
From The Jersey Ice Cream Company (they have a strong Shaker aesthetic in their work – just not in their name) – a shaker peg rail run up the side of a stair! (Source)
Peg rail mudroom
A beautiful home on Fire Island that has the Shaker peg rail in quite a few places. And I can only assume that the homeowner was told to match her house! (Source)

I think the simplicity of them, combined with their usefulness is especially attractive to me in our fast paced, technology driven world.

“Beauty rests on utility” –  Shaker Quote

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