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August Obsessions: Pale Wood, Monbento Boxes and Leon Bridges

  1. Light, Rustic Wood:  “Dark, distressed wood” – I write this loose description out quite a lot as a design element for clients (and yes, it’s the title of my upcoming thriller).  However, I keep seeing light, rustic wood popping out in different places and I am all in.  One thing I’ve noticed recently in terms of Denver area trends is that more people are wanting lighter wood floors – I have fewer and fewer people asking me about dark floors.  I still like dark and rustic, but I am so ready for a change of scenery.
rustic living room pale wood
I love the soft wood tones in this beach house in Martha’s Vineyard. Relaxed, comfortable and your yellow lab can shed all over it for at least 2 days before you really notice.  (Source)
rustic kitchen denver
The Doug fir beams and solid ash cabinetry are finished lightly and beautifully in this restored Vancouver home. The marble sink is kind of jaw dropping – don’t you think? (Source)
pale rustic wood kitchen
Pale wood with simple lines – I like the furniture feet. (Source)


2. Monbento Box:  I have always packed a bento box for Sylvia’s lunches and we managed to lose her last one.  OR, it was carefully packed away at the end of the last school year and I don’t remember where I put it.  I ordered one of these little sets from Monbento and we have been enchanted by it!  It sounds so strange to me to say this about a lunch container, but it’s a beautiful little object.  I am one of those weirdo’s that enjoys packing lunches and this has really elevated my game.  And no, they are definitely not just for kids!

bento box colorful
Pretty cute – very small but they hold a lot (Source)
MonBento Bento packed
No – I did not pack this. (Source)

3. The Personal Style of Leon Bridges.  I love when someone has a clearly defined sense of personal style that carries through in everything they do.  Some people have a way of infusing their style into everything they do – interiors, dress, music, etc.  I know this doesn’t change the world, but infusing your own sense of style into every design decision (and purchasing decisions) causes me to stand up and take notice and appreciate. I will try not to gush here, but he has such a distinctive, vintage style – it’s a breath of fresh air to see.

leon-bridges personal style
Even down to the style of the photography and the setting – stylish with a singular viewpoint.   (Source)
leon bridges style
Yes, his voice is a little bit beautiful too.   (Source)
vintage style leon bridges
With a nod to Sam Cooke (Source)




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