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15 Modern Outdoor Living Spaces to Inspire You

Let your backyard speak for itself and go modern and minimal with your outdoor furnishings.  Think clean lines and classic pieces that are made to last.  Save your money and avoid the clutter that’s marketed for outdoor consumption – do you really need all those brightly colored throw pillows, the outdoor rug and the solar powered dragonfly lights?   Despite what the big retail stores will tell you, your entire living room doesn’t need to be reproduced outside.  Let nature be the star.  Here are 12 modern outdoor living spaces with an emphasis on the minimal.


scandinavian style patio
Rustic table with modern chairs – all softened by the plants (Source)
modern pergola
I love the pond and the simple pergola! This is on a small plot of land in California.  (Source)
modern urban backyard
A simple, modern backyard in Brooklyn. (Photo by Lucas Allen in Domino Magazine May 2007)
modern deck style
The dark background looks fantastic with the plants and bright furniture (Source)
black exterior scandinavian
I am really intrigued by the black log cabin!  (Source)
modern pergola black
Interesting modern pergola with lush plantings but I could do with out the pendants. (Source)
casual family deck style
This is an adorable family home in Australia with a simple deck treatment. (Source)
indoor outdoor style
I love the modern fireplace and wow, what doors! (Source)
minimal deck design
The Panton chair is one of my favorite chairs and I love them on this wooden deck. (Source)
modern patio
Playful furniture with very strong architecture (Source)
modern landscape pool area
This is a beautiful project by Landscape Architect Shades of Green (Source)
patio style
Beautiful bench and table (Source)
black pergola
Japanese style rock garden and another black pergola! (Source)
industrial style patio
An industrial style home in Tel Aviv – love the way this long patio is set up. (Source)
modern low deck
This is an example of who cares what you put on your patio when you have a home that looks like that! I’m including it here just as a reminder that things don’t always have to be new, accessorized and over the top.  (Source)

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