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Rip Your Upper Cabinets Out Tonight: 7 Stylish Kitchens with Open Shelving

Open shelves are still really popular with my Denver area clients.  I love the casual look, although I’m sure kitchen cabinet people are over them and over the trend of having no upper cabinets.  I like the airy and open look they give a kitchen and I love the opportunity to put in a sconce or add some art.  You can save a little money and look casually stylish at the same time!   If you’re considering switching a few upper cabinets to open shelves, or even exchanging all of your uppers for open shelves – check out these 7 looks below for inspiration and warn your family that the upper cabinets may be gone by morning!

rustic open shelves
I don’t usually see open shelves wrapping a corner, it’s hard sometimes to fill the corner, but it sure looks good! (Source)
kitchen with art
Adorable little kitchen with a really simple long shelf and brackets. I know, look at that incredible live edge counter! (Source)
gray kitchen
I like the unusual gray in this kitchen and the moody lighting and art. That’s an interesting, leggy island too! (Source)
steel shelves kitchen
I love this kitchen and the cold rolled steel shelves are amazing. (Source)
green kitchen white marble
Can’t decide if open shelves are right for you? You could partially commit like this gorgeous kitchen. (Source)
soapstone shelf
The cabinets are a work of art – and I love how the soapstone is used for the counter, backsplash and open shelf. (Source)
open shelves in front of windows
Not enough wall space? Try putting open shelves in front of your windows for a statement. (Source)





2 thoughts on “Rip Your Upper Cabinets Out Tonight: 7 Stylish Kitchens with Open Shelving”

  1. I’m a sucker for good looking dishes. This would be so perfect to display those gorgeous dishes in your kitchen. I love this trend but I dont think I’d go all the way as to switch up all my upper cabinets for shelves

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