1970’s Interior Trends: Are You Ready for a Revival?

Older design books, either found at the library (yes, I am an active library user) or at the thrift store, are favorites of mine to look through when I’m tired of looking at the same white rooms on Pinterest and need inspiration.  The Complete Book of Decorating, Edited by Corinne Benicka from 1976 gave me a little thrill this week.  This book is on point with trends that are happening in the 20-teens in Interior Design – plywood, bold colors, low sectionals, pale wood, and mixed metals.  It actually reminds me of flipping through a current Schoolhouse Electric catalog.  Here are few photos from this book that caught my eye.

sunken living room
This photo made my day when I saw it – just some groovy kids smoking Marlboros, eating yellow apples and drinking black coffee…note the bold typography in the background, blond wood and lanterns.   (p. 41 from The Complete Book of Decorating, 1976)
Plywood tiny home
Loving the plywood built-ins and the canvas Director’s chairs from this 260 square foot tiny apartment. There are some great design ideas for a tiny home here.   Love that typewriter!  (p.99 from The Complete Book of Decorating, 1976)
low tufted sectional
I love this room and the sectional layout. I also love the shelf that wraps the sectional and the black mixed with the blond wood! (Pgs. 118-119 The Complete Book of Decorating, 1976)
mod playroom
The colors and textures here are perfect. (Pgs. 158-159 The Complete Book of Decorating, 1976)
wood planked entry
Awesome wood planked entry anyone? Love the coat hooks too. (Pgs. 202-203 The Complete Book of Decorating, 1976)

If you’re wanting more (and you kind of are, aren’t you?), check out The Rustic Magnetism of 1970s Country Cabins from AnOther magazine and look for this book and others at your local library and thrift shop.

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