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Color My World: How to Use Dark Green In Your Home

Dark Green art wall
I love the dark green wall used to make the art and accessories pop in this room.  Dark green looks fantastic with the caramel leather! (Source)

Dark green is one of my favorite colors – yet the green I have in my own home only comes from house plants.  It’s always been a tough sell for my clients – certain greens look dated and tired to a lot of people.  Clients will think nothing of painting a room dark blue, but they are extremely hesitant about using dark green. That said, this very morning I helped clients choose a darker green-gray for their exterior paint and we then moved on to some interesting greens for their living and dining rooms.  Green is definitely making a comeback after being out of a lot of homeowner’s minds for almost 30 years.  Some see green as being associated with greed, money, jealousy and even camouflage – I find dark green a restful, easy color with just a hint of mystery… I’m making that last part up, but I could talk myself into believing it.  It does remind me of fir trees in the Rocky Mountains which always give me a little thrill.

dark green subway
This color combination really speaks to me right now – I love the brass and the dark green subway. If I had to do my kitchen over today I might choose this as my big “statement”. (Source)
green accent wall white kitchen
In general, I don’t love accent walls – but I can’t argue with this ultra white kitchen and the gorgeous forest green! (Source)
dark green bedroom walls
I love the way this dark green works with the wood tones, white and the pinks – perfect! (Source)
green velvet sofa
Green velvet sofas are having their moment – and seeing this one kind of makes me want one.  This is a beautifully styled room, although my parents had that brass floor lamp for too many years for me to ever use it. (Source)
green sofa gray walls
Another gorgeous green velvet sofa, this time less retro and more elegant. (Source)
dark green furniture
A dark green sideboard looking fresh with brass and pale pink accents.   The sideboard is from Grazia and Company and they have an awesome pink version too.  (Source)
dark green accessories
Dark Green accents work so well in this Italian bedroom – this is an easy way to use this color and I like it paired with the earthy browns.  (Source)

“Never stay up on the barren heights of cleverness, but come down into the green valleys of silliness.” Ludwig Wittgenstein



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