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How have you been?  I’ve been incredibly busy the past 4 weeks and I’m pretty sure this blog is reflecting it!  Does it annoy you when other people go on about how busy they are?  It kind of does me, so pretend I didn’t just say that to you.  I’m trying to slow things down a little and get myself back to what I consider normal.  I did take an abstract painting class this week through Coursehorse and it was a really special time.  I was out of the house after dark by myself (I’m a a homebody), I was with a group of people I’d never met before and I was trying to create something.  I will post all about it next week with links about the teacher, the studio and how to sign up for this class and other courses.

art classes denver
Here’s a glimpse of the process in the art class that artist Tabetha Landt runs from her studio in the Sante Fe Arts District. More about this next week!

I’ve been enthralled recently with a more messy farmhouse style – less modern, more eclectic.   I had a moment this past Winter and Spring where I couldn’t get enough of minimalism. I am guessing that current politics, the state of the world and the over-scheduled quality of my life in general has me craving comfort right now.  I’ve gravitated back to loving a country rustic home with antiques, art, stacks of books and, the anchor of all farmhouse living rooms, comfortable seating.

Prairie style
Remember this book from 2013?  I was flipping through it the again other day and finding inspiration.  I think when it came out I was a little tired of the “shabby chic” look and somehow seeing the line at Target made me even less interested.  I still don’t like new things distressed to look old (in general), but the truly vintage pieces with nice china and comfortable, overstuffed sofas are scratching an itch right now.  (Source)
rustic farmhouse cabinet
Beautiful small cabin with elegance and great bones (is that the Ektorp?) – I love the wood beams and stone fireplace. (Source)

I was interviewed recently by a local author for a company called Closet Box and I talked about design in Denver and how much it’s changed since I moved here in 2005.  The pace has picked up considerably for designers in a way that is sometimes hard to get used to and the style itself is continually evolving and gaining more depth.  You can read more here:  Create the Perfect Space:  How Interior Design has Evolved in Denver – I like the way it turned out!

“I’m looking California and feeling Minnesota.” Chris Cornell, Outshined






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