Get Local and Get Creative: Art and Lifestyle Classes in Denver

Years ago when I was an undergraduate, I felt like I could take art and art history classes until the end of time and never grow bored.  Running a business, being a parent and the vague business that is life fills my days up pretty well but I would like to continue on the creative path that meant so much to me in my early 20’s.

I recently was contacted by a company called CourseHorse that is a discovery and booking tool for local classes.  Currently they are in beta mode for Denver (which means that more classes will be added soon!).   They wanted to see if I would be interested in trying a local art or lifestyle class out for myself.  I am not slow to accept things I want to do so I immediately booked an art class in Denver with Landt Creative Space.  What I really like about CourseHorse is that they promote local artists and small business people who are in your area – it’s not a listing of classes by a big company, it’s an easy booking site for classes within your community.

art classes denver
This was my start and, with encouragement from the instructor, I did this using my fingers, hand and a piece of cardboard!

I took an Abstract Art Class with artist and teacher Tabetha Landt.  Tabetha’s studio is in the heart of the Sante Fe Arts District and I found it to be a comfortable, accepting and creative environment.  She’s got a big table that everyone sits around and I met a handful of friendly, interesting women who live in the Denver area as well as two men who appeared to have been dragged there by their significant other, but who left with a smile on their face (and a nice piece of art under their arm).

Denver art classes Landt Creative Space
Everybody sits around a large table and does their own thing. I enjoyed talking about local Denver art shows that people had seen, artists admired, music and other things besides work – it was interesting that what you do for a living did not come up as a topic of conversation here and I found that refreshing!

Tabetha encouraged us to not use a paint brush – something I don’t ever remember doing outside of finger painting with Sylvia.  At first I really wanted to clutch onto a paint brush for comfort, but I shrugged it off and dived in along with everyone else.  Abandoning the traditional tools of art is a great way to get a little bit of distance from the logical, more “grown-up” side of yourself.

denver painting classes
I had a dark and stormy looking painting going on and it wasn’t quite right. In a last second moment of “Here goes nothing” I slapped on some white paint (literally) and I think it really pulled it together.
denver art studio classes
Here’s the incredibly likable Tabetha Landt holding my painting up – she put a frame in front of it to show it as a little more of a finished product. I thought it really helped!
denver lifestyle blog
Here’s my finished abstract painting in my Denver design studio.

Remember to sign up with your email address to receive more information from CourseHorse when more classes are added and live.  To find Tabetha’s art classes – look for Landt Creative Space.  I went into the class thinking that I might not stay the whole two hours and then it was well past an hour and half before I even realized it.  If you’re someone who’s a little shy about your art skills or about meeting strangers, try to put that out of your head.  Once you’re at the class you’ll realize it’s no big deal.  If I can do this, you certainly can!

“The whole culture is telling you to hurry, while the art tells you to take your time. Always listen to the art.” ~Junot Diaz


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