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Bold and Painted: Kitchen Cabinets That Aren’t Shy About Looking Good

blue and white kitchen
A custom kitchen I designed in 2015 with blue and white cabinetry. (Photo by Sara Yoder)

I may have mentioned (ahem) on a few social media accounts that I had a kitchen I designed featured on Remodelista this week in an article entitled “Trend Alert: The Cult of the Blue Kitchen, 10 Favorites“.  I was flattered to be included because it’s Remodelista and I love their website and book, and for the design company I was alongside.  Here are seven photos of a few of the other kitchens that I’m loving from some of the other designers and architects on the list.  They all have made bold color choices with their paint selections and kept the surroundings neutral.  Even this pale blue kitchen (below) is a bold choice although it might not seem so at first glance.

soft blue cabinets
I love the old-fashioned, bespoke look to the cabinets. They’re such a soft, robin’s egg blue – it’s a gutsy color choice, but it doesn’t feel overly bold. (Photo Source)
This is in the same kitchen by Ken Linsteadt Architects – the stainless cabinets next to the stove are a great juxtaposition with the decorative herringbone tile layout.  (Photo Source)
british standard kitchen
An an American designer, it would be a tough sell with most of my clients for this floor – but I love it and I love the look of this space with these cabinets by British Standard. (Photo Source)
copper sink kitchen
I don’t see copper sinks in a kitchen very often – beautiful! (Photo Source)
yellow kitchen
Mustard yellow! Might not be for you (or me) but it’s bold. I’m kind of digging the high-tide mark on the wall thing too. British Standard cabinets. (Photo Source)
dark blue kitchen
This blue really leaps out from my computer screen against the white sink, countertop and walls – striking! (Photo Source)
electric blue kitchen
Here’s another view of this kitchen by The White Arrow – the blue looks more electric here. I like the cupboard in the corner! (Photo Source)

What do you think?  Could you handle some boldly colored cabinets in your kitchen?  Or, would you get tired of them in a year?  Now that I’ve seen that yellow kitchen, I kind of want to try it out.

Last week I talked a little trash about the month of August.  The weather this week in Denver has been amazing and I take it all back.   I also have a small, yet pleasant, feeling of vindication for my smelling of Fall in the air.  School starts for Littleton next week and I finally cleaned out and organized some kitchen drawers and cabinets in preparation for supplies, books and all the stuff that comes with just having one child in school – it made me feel absurdly on top of my game.  I recommend cleaning out a drawer every once in a while just to make you feel like a champion.

In the scope of a happy life, a messy desk or an overstuffed coat closet is a trivial thing, yet I find – and I hear from other people that they agree – that getting rid of clutter gives a disproportionate boost to happiness.Gretchen Rubin









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