Home Organizing: 7 Mudrooms to Inspire You

Do you have a mudroom?  Most of my clients either have one or are in the process of building one.  Sometimes they aren’t even in an obvious area.   One client has a space in her front living room devoted to backpacks, jackets, hats, shoes, etc.  Another client is putting beautiful wood cubbies into her family room.  We have a small area at the top of the back stairs that we use as a mudroom.  It’s not ideal – there is the very real possibility of one of us keeling down the stairs while trying to get a shoe off.  In some homes you have to take what you can get.  I’ve designed quite a few mudrooms – but I’ve never had them photographed and I really should.   They are an incredibly useful space in a home.  Here are 7 mudrooms – each different in style – that all look stylish and functional.

stone floor mudroom
I love the flooring in here and the mostly open cubbies – I like being able to see what’s there – but I know some people don’t like to see the mess. (Photo Source)
cubbies with ventilation
Practical and in use. I like the wire for ventilation and to get a little glimpse of what’s inside. I’m having one built for a client now and we’re using Banker Wire inside the doors.  (Photo Source)
modern farmhouse mudroom
Simple and effective, I like this one a lot! (Photo Source)
cubbies laundry room
If your laundry room is big enough and on your main floor – cubbies make perfect sense. These are simple, yet stylish. (Photo Source)
all wood hallway
This is in Hudson Woods, by Lang Architecture, and I’ve been drooling over the design ever since it came out. Deceptively simple!   (Photo Source)
storage entry built in
There’s a lot of storage packed into this little room -I don’t know if I even have enough stuff to fill it – but I know some big families would.   Interesting putty/stone color and my clients and I are still really digging patterned tile.  It’s a good choice for a busy room!  (Photo Source)
navy blue mudroom
Personally, I don’t love a lot of built-ins (shocking for a designer, right?). I like this mudroom set-up a lot. A good vintage piece works perfectly and can be really stylish.  Also, that Navy Blue is incredible. (Photo Source)

Some sad and disheartening things have happened in our country recently and of course my design practice goes on and in between all the depressing news I’m still having fierce debates with myself over turquoise and emerald green, I’m still feeling angst over subway tile, and still debating which wood species would look the best with a particular project.  Work and life will always keep moving forward but let’s just look out for one another in between all of that.  Kindness.  Just that, kindness.













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