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#OptOutside: Opt Out of the Retail Frenzy

REI’s retail decision to #OptOutside again (3rd year in a row) and be closed for Black Friday still resonates with me.  I’ve posted this blog post on the week of Thanksgiving for the past two years and my feeling is the same so I will run it again.  I am currently in Tuscon, Arizona enjoying the view of  a Saguaro forest which manages to look friendly and solitary at the same time.  

Almost every blog and online article I read has tags and links for where I can buy product.  I am weary of the fevered “Buy Me” presence online that’s wrapped in a shiny, overly white and bright sales pitch.   I’m tired of words and phrases like “swoon worthy” “dreamy” “must haves” “ultimate gift guide” and “essentials” to name a few.

This holiday season, let’s give ourselves and our loved ones a breather.  Take at least one day this Thanksgiving and opt for time with your family and friends.  The shopping feeding frenzy is gross and does nothing to feed your soul.

I hope you have a fun, thoughtful Thanksgiving and appreciate time spent with your family and friends.  Step away from the retail noise for a while.  It will always be there to welcome you back.

#OptOutside: Sylvia and me from 2 years ago at a beautiful campsite near Crested Butte, Colorado.  She doesn’t need assistance from a rock to stand that tall anymore.











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