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New Year: Already Behind

I started last week thinking that Tuesday was Monday and then proceeded to get caught up in reacting to emails, reacting to phone calls, washing the same load of laundry twice (still not folded!) and I had the audacity to think that I was somewhat on task – while being a full day behind.   This is no way to start a fresh year!

I’m going to blame some of this on a small home construction project we have going on right now.  We’re adding a closet to our Master Bedroom and giving our closet over to Sylvia’s room.  Our home was built in 1938 just before the age of built-in closets.  We have a closet in our room that was added when a homeowner at some point decided to get rid of a third bedroom and create a giant master bedroom but Sylvia’s room has no closet.  Here’s a “Before” plan view:

before floor plan bedrooms
Before: I am pretty sure that our original 1938 home would have three bedrooms here – it’s hard for me to figure out where they would have been though. I think some of the windows have changed.
After bedroom floor plan
After: My mom floated this idea about taking our closet over for Sylvia’s room and adding one to ours. She finished the thought with “Of course, I’m sure that you’ve thought of this already.” No, I hadn’t and it’s a genius idea.

Sylvia and I have always been excited about hidden, small places and I had the idea of putting her huge, antique wardrobe in front of the new closet opening and creating a secret spot for her that would be accessed through the wardrobe (thank you C.S. Lewis for the original idea).  I know she probably has three years (tops) of enjoying this before we will probably just tear the wall down and make her room bigger – but I’m excited for her right now and it was up and running as of 6:00 Sunday evening!

during remodel
Here’s a “During” photo that shows the old closet opening newly framed.

I spent the weekend with a lot of dust and disarray (could be the title of my first book) and we are almost done with her room, closet and secret spot.  We have a few finishing touch type of things left (also known as annoying details) and I will show you the finished room on another post!  It’s looking really cool right now and I’m excited to share it.

children's room armoire
Here’s the Craiglist-find wardrobe we will be using as access for the “secret” room.

We’re headed out soon to Buena Vista, Colorado for the three-day weekend – are you going anywhere or just recovering from the holidays?  Last time we were in that part of the state we stayed at this really fun goat farm in Salida, Colorado and fell in love with the goats they had there and that is a statement that I never thought I would say in my life.

“I love you more than I love goats, and you know how I feel about goats”, Gaby said.”
James Patterson, The Christmas Wedding









3 thoughts on “New Year: Already Behind”

  1. What a great idea for a closet. That armoire is amazing. And yes, I feel so behind after the holidays. I’m not only trying to un-Christmas, but in the middle of a closet project myself. Seems strange that in the attempt to organize, I have achieved such chaos.
    All the best,

    1. It’s definitely a feeling of going backwards while attempting to go forwards. What is it about this time of year and organizing? It’s a peak time – maybe because we’re in the middle of winter – so you can’t really do much with the yard. Gotta put your energy somewhere I guess.
      Good luck with your project – our “closet” is currently wall-less – it’s just clothes hanging on the wall waiting for us (I mean Dave) to have time to tackle it. Pretty. 🙂 Happy New Year Gwen!

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