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Reflections: Career, Happiness and a Year of Renovations

budget friendly kitchen renovation
I finished this budget-friendly kitchen renovation this year. Read the original blog post here.  (Photo by Sara Yoder)

Happy end of 2017!  Professionally and personally it was a really good year (I’m choosing not to touch politics on this blog). It’s not every year I get asked to do two HGTV shows; it’s not every year I get to travel to unique places like Haida Gwaii; it’s not every year I’m the mother of a daughter who started middle school for the first time.   I feel blessed and thankful.  It’s been a lot of hard work and I’ve loved almost every minute of it.  That, in particular, is something I realize is special.  One thing that I’ve learned is that I’m happy as I am.  Getting recognized professionally and being on TV and in magazines is really enjoyable, but the funny thing is that it doesn’t affect my overall happiness.  In other words, I am enjoying life as it happens and it’s a relief and a bit of a revelation for me to realize that success does not bring personal fulfillment.

For this last post of the year, how about a round-up of projects I had photographed this year? There are a few more that I’d love to show you, but I can’t yet until they come out elsewhere first.  If you’re hankering for more – check out Laura Medicus Interiors.

Here’s wishing you a healthy and fulfilling 2018!

ranch bathroom renovation
I wrapped up three bathrooms in this house in Golden, Colorado this year – all colorful! Original Blog post here.  (Photo by Sara Yoder)
ranch bathroom colorful
(Photo by Sara Yoder)
basement bathroom colorful
This is a new basement bathroom for the same ranch house in Golden, Colorado. That’s a Pottery Barn vanity that we had painted raspberry. Original Blog post here.  (Photo by Sara Yoder)
small bathroom ranch house
The small master bathroom – looking clean and classic! Original Blog post here.  (Photo by Sara Yoder)
budget friendly kitchen renovation
Another view of this budget-friendly renovation in Denver’s Park Hill neighborhood.  Original Blog post here.  (Photo by Sara Yoder)
kitchen renovation budget friendly
Most of this home has original, unpainted woodwork and is truly quite special. This kitchen was an addition with cheap tile floor, pink laminate counters and a dark blue backsplash among other things.  (Photo by Sara Yoder)
ranch house renovation
I wrapped this kitchen up this summer for HGTV’s House Hunters Renovation. The home is in Golden, Colorado. Original blog post here.  (Photo by Sara Yoder)
ranch patio with kegerator
View of the granite bar counter, the kegerator with tap and the new window that we added.  (Photo by Sara Yoder)
casual breakfast area ranch house
(Photo by Sara Yoder)
raising roof in ranch home
The new ceiling really makes the space.  (Photo by Sara Yoder)
haida gwaii kayaking
Sylvia and I kayaking in Haida. I can’t go on enough about what a wonderful place this is.  Haida is remote and not easily accessible.  If you are thinking about going, I highly recommend Haida Style Expeditions for getting you around to the cultural sites.  You must book early here – only a certain number of people are allowed to visit the cultural and heritage sites each year.  It was a mind and spirit expanding trip.











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