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Outdoor Furniture: Stylish, affordable picks for creating an outdoor room

It is full-on Springtime in the Rockies right now.  We’ll have beautiful weather one day where I’ll exercise outside and generally feel optimistic about life and then the next day will involve spitting snow, boots I swore I wouldn’t put back on my feet one more time and me hunkering down with a box of cookies and silent desperation.  I like spring in Colorado, but I say that with hesitation.   The weather mood swings are hard on my sensitive disposition.

Let’s console ourselves with some outdoor furniture, shall we?  At some point we’ll be able to relax outdoors without fear of a sudden snowstorm – we might as well be ready for that moment.

As some of you know, I have a new design assistant named Kristy Oatman.   She and I pulled together some outdoor furniture that is reasonable in price, ready to order and it’s all stuff that we love for creating a Boho vibe this summer.

  1. Sectionals
outdoor sectional favorite
The Portside Sectional by West Elm

Here’s what Kristy has to say about her pick for an outdoor sectional:  “I really love the Portside Collection…..why? Sleek, simple and it maximizes seating!”  If you have the room, she recommends looking into a sectional, “Because unlike the awkward corner seat with your sectional in your living room, someone is always willing to curl up in that corner spot outside.  The portside collection offers two styles and both have a feature that I love – the built-in end table which is great for potted plants, or an extra seat if you need it. You really get three pieces in one!”

inexpensive sectional
Here’s another simple sectional that is under $1,000.00. This one has flexibility as well.  (Source)
build your own sectional
If you want a real boho look, or need something for an odd shaped space, build your own sectional and buy cushions for it – or get one off of Etsy! (Source)

2. Loveseats 

If you don’t have the room for a sectional – or have a front porch or something smaller you want to furnish – try a loveseat or small sofa.

small patio loveseat
I love this little “Nest” sofa – I think it would look really cute on a porch with plants all around. (Source)
small space outdoor sofa
The Huron Sofa – gorgeous for a smaller space. (Source)
acapulco love seats
These Acapulco Love Seats are really sweet and come in a variety of fun colors! (Source)

3. Accent Chairs

There are a lot of great outdoor accent chairs – here are a few of our favorites!

hanging egg Chair
I love hanging egg chairs. There’s a house in the Wash Park neighborhood of Denver that has a few of these on their front porch and they look so lovely! (Photo Source)

Here’s an affordable Resin Wicker Hanging Egg Chair.  My favorites are the hanging chairs from Byron Bay – they’re made of real rattan though and need to be hung on a sheltered porch.

rope chairs affordable
Stylish, and well-priced set of rope chairs from ye olde Target with an accent table! (Source)
gray rocker
Love this modern rocker from CB2! (Source)

4. Outdoor Rugs

Kristy recommends pairing the sectional with a basic rug and then layering a kilim rug on top to jazz it up.  “My approach to decorating outdoors is to keep the big ticket items basic. You can keep it fresh with pillows, layering rugs, throws, lanterns and other fun outdoor accessories!”

outdoor gray rug
Simple indoor outdoor rug in gray. (Source)
outdoor jute rug
Here’s an outdoor rug that looks like jute, but is scrubbable and hoseable – all positives. (Source)
outdoor lilim
Put one of these really cute indoor/outdoor Kilims on top of your base rug and now you have some style started! (Source)
outdoor lilim
If you’re not into the blush pink – this one would warm up the patio. (Source)

For an outdoor room, just like an interior room, you start with the big furniture pieces and the rugs.  Look for simple lines and flexible seating in neutral colors.   Add the pops of color or texture with a few pillows, plants and lanterns.

springtime in colorado

Have a great weekend!  We’re putting another window into the kitchen this weekend – should be fun… 😉




















2 thoughts on “Outdoor Furniture: Stylish, affordable picks for creating an outdoor room”

  1. Love the Nest and Huron Sofas especially. So my style. Those rugs are gorgeous–lots of eye candy. Hope spring settles in in your neck of the mtns soon. It has been unseasonably cool here in Florida as well though. Those of us waiting for the pool to warm up are having a long wait. I think spring is having an Identity Crisis this year.
    All the Best,

  2. It’s a typical spring for us – but I’ve heard from East Coast friends and relatives that it’s anything but for you guys. We’re headed down to the Gulf Coast in early June and I’ve been worried it’s going to be too hot – I guess I should worry it will be too cool! Ha!

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