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Bath Me in Paneling: 9 Gorgeous Paneled Bathrooms

Welcome to the end of August!  It’s been a week of back to school for most of Colorado and, even though we survived another intense heat wave, I can smell and see autumn in the air.  If autumn has a sound I’ll never know because a Biblical amount of cicadas hatched recently and they sound like a million home fire detectors going off at once.  It’s so loud that in order to have a conversation in our backyard in the evening you have to shout.  I am not exaggerating; it’s quite remarkable.

Our backyard looks less “rental car parking lot” now and more like we’re going to open an outdoor cafe thanks to the string lights that I had Dave hang up.  Come have a seat in our cafe: the dogs will shed and drool on you, the cicadas will serenade you at epic volumes and you can sit and wonder when the food is coming.

I would like to renovate the remarkably small main bathroom in our house next summer (or maybe this winter?!) and I keep getting sucked into images of paneled bathrooms.  I am a traditionalist at heart and I love the look of painted, paneled walls in a bathroom.  It seems like a warmer, friendlier atmosphere than tiled walls.  I’ve compiled some images to support my argument and give you some inspiration for adding some traditional character to one of your bathrooms!

Mirrored bathroom
I love the mirrors integrated with the beadboard here!  What a brilliant idea.  Also note the drapery fabric used as a shower curtain.  Genius.  (Source)

I love the black paneling in the above photograph and I am a big believer in the power of either black or white paint.  It’s a simple, easy design choice and you can pair any color with either one.

gray paneling bathroom
I love the traditional, heavy paneling here.  It looks expensive.  (Source)
vertical paneling bathroom
I love the wider vertical paneling in this gorgeous bathroom. I could see putting this in my bathroom. I also love the mirror. If I don’t steal the mirror paneling idea from my first image, I might look for a mirror like this. (Source: Pinterest, let me know if you know who this is from)
headboard bathroom
So simple and lovely. Beadboard all the way up with built-in medicine cabinets. (Source)
paneled tub
Another view of the same bathroom. I also love a paneled tub. If you have an alcove tub, the paneled front can dress it up a little bit. This one is made a little more luxurious by the marble top.  I am not sold on this shower curtain however.  (Source)
board and batten bathroom
Board and batten like this wouldn’t work for every house – it looks very rustic and I think that’s what I love about it.  The shutters make this look like it’s tucked up in an attic somewhere.  I love the creamy white used here too. (Source)
board and batten freestanding tub
Here’s some more creamy board and batten! I love this for a little cabin somewhere. (Source)
old beadboard bathroom
I really like the antique-white paint color on the old beadboard, the hooks used for hand towels and I will stop and stare every time at that antique mirror.  Vintage mirrors, if you have the patience to look around for them, are always worth the trouble.  (Source)
green bathroom
I thought I would wrap this blog post up with my design crush Leanne Ford’s “Schoolhouse Project” bathroom. Army green never looked so good. (Source)

Taylor Swift’s new album dropped today and I know what I’ll be listening to this weekend.  Here’s one of my favorites so far:






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