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Kitchen Flooring Trend: Follow the Red Brick Floor

We have about one more month of summer left and because school is starting, my mind is starting to think sweaters, leaves, fireplaces but it’s still 90 degrees everyday and the dogs are shedding like they’re in a competition (Nelson, the lab mix, would win).  I am so tired of the fur in the house.  The other thing that makes the fur in the home so special is that it’s now a special summer blend of dirt from the yard.  We’ve been re-doing our backyard (Dave’s been redoing our backyard) this summer and we’ve had a small motorcross course in our backyard for the last few months.

We had 21 tons (!) of decomposed granite delivered this week and Dave’s been spreading it out and now, with no plants, it looks like we’re creating a parking area for a fleet of rental cars.  It might looks this way for a while also because we really shouldn’t plant anything in the August heat.

While Dave was toiling in the yard with something called a “Dingo” (I am not making this up), I recently fell off my office chair looking at a kitchen in the September issue of “Country Living” with gorgeous brick floors, soapstone counters and natural wood.

country living kitchen
Here’s the kitchen I’m smitten with down to the dog on the floor. (Source)

What’s that?  You want me to list the things I love about this room?  1. Soapstone Counters  2. Wood Trim 3. White Refrigerator 4. “Brick” Floor 5. Wood Table in Center instead of an Island 6. Green wall paint 7. Open Sink Cabinet 8. Beadboard Cabinet Door Faces 9. Antique Prints on the Wall and 10.  Dog on the Floor.  I didn’t even include the stove because that’s a given.

I suddenly feel very excited about brick floors.  I think it will be a hard sell to my clients – most people are putting in hardwood floors in their kitchens and I think that brick is still considered “dated” by some people.   I think it’s a great way to add old world charm and texture to a kitchen.  Here are some more photos to help me convince you:

brick floor white kitchen
Clearly, the toddler makes this kitchen even cuter but this is great bricky tile to warm up the traditional white kitchen! (Source)
herringbone brick floor
My love of the herringbone pattern goes back to my days of drooling over Parisian apartments in the World of Interiors magazine. This kitchen is absolutely perfect. (Source)
antique herringbone tile
I like the smearing of the grout on these antique-style bricks. It adds even more patina and texture to the floor. (Source)
herringbone red brick
There’s a lot to love in this kitchen too! The brick floors add an indoor/outdoor feel to the room. (Source)
Brick floors kitchen
This space is a little unfair because of the vaulted ceiling and the beams, but even without that, this floor is fantastic. This is a square basketweave pattern. (Source)
red brick floor kitchen
I know this red brick floor looks a little 1970’s to some of you, but I think it’s fresh and striking in a white kitchen.  This is a brick set pattern, also called a running bond. (Source)

Where to buy?  You can get thin set brick at almost any local tile shop or you can also get them from any brick supplier like General Shale.  Locally, I like Summit Brick – in particular I like the Alameda:

thin set brick
This thin brick is made right here in Colorado – at a brick plant in Pueblo.

Drawbacks that I can see to brick floors?  It might not be very comfortable if you’re a barefoot person.  I also wonder about all the grout lines, but brick is incredibly durable so it might be fine!  What are your thoughts on brick floors in kitchens?  Pretty to look at but not functional?  Functional and gorgeous!  Or, dated, please don’t bring back the brick!




6 thoughts on “Kitchen Flooring Trend: Follow the Red Brick Floor”

  1. Brick floor is for me, a definite no way. Reason, I find it hard on my legs & feet. But if I had it in my kitchen, you would see those easy to stand on mats everywhere. However, thanks for the idea & reasons for using it. You are a very creative designer, & I would be asking you for help with any projects I need completed. Tommy

  2. Hello from Telluride!
    I love the look of brick floors in kitchens and I had it- a few houses ago. Your World of Interiors photo has always been a favorite of mine! I enjoy your posts. I think this is my first time commenting. I am reno’ing a cool mountain lodge/ranch style house here in Telluride. I am so over the Mountain Modern sterile, ugly style (throw steel all over it and you’re done. . . )
    Thanks for showing pretty pictures and giving your thoughts!

  3. I absolutely love these kitchens, the first one (for the reasons you listed except for the dog…cat person here) and the third. I have tile kitchen floor here, and I can’t imagine brick would be any harder on my feet than the tile is. Also, I have a large screened Florida room that is floored with brick and it is pretty awesome. Also the area that visitors tend to gush over. It is fairly old at this point and does need some grout work, but my feeling is that it has weathered pretty well.

    Thanks for some more fun ideas. All the Best!

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