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Trend Alert: Lilac for Days

I was at a job site this week talking with some contractors and we were bemoaning the fact that color is coming back.   We were joking – kind of but not really.  White walls are easy.  Painting everything Simply White (one of my favorite whites) is an easy decision for a homeowner.  There’s no agonizing over if it’s the right shade of gray, if it’s too yellow, if there’s a pink tinge or if the color reminds you of your childhood.   It is a simple white.  However, even though it makes my job harder (people have very strong emotions tied into color) I’m happy to see some color creep back into the home.  I am a little tired of all white interiors.  White walls will be around for a while – but I think homes will start to be colorful again.

Colorful living room
Different shades of a similar color – this home looks like a vacation.  (Source)
lilac walls
Just like it’s back in fashion, Lilac is coming back for the home and I am thrilled about it.  Anything slightly purple is traditionally “off” for the vast majority of people yet there is something so wonderful and quirky about this color.  (Source)
dusty lilac
Dusty Lilac by Behr – this is one of Behr’s color forecast colors for 2020.  I’m digging it.
green bathroom
Personally, I’m a huge fan of the color green.  (Source)
hunter green walls
Hunter Green was the hot color everyone thought was going to hit big this year, but it’s happening slower here in Colorado.  I see pinks and yellows around more than this color. I love green but have always had a hard time selling a client on greens and I’ve never figured out why. Lately I’ve been preferring a more yellow green which I know is REALLY a tough sell for most people. (Source)
pink bedroom walls
Anne Hathaway’s bedroom – what a great shade of pink!  (Source)
pale blue nook
I love this pale blue.  (Source)
dark green walls dining room
Art looks fantastic against these dark walls.  (Source)

I write a color trend post a couple of times a year, but I’m still mostly specifying white or a very soft off-white wall.  That could be because Colorado is a little more cautious when it comes to adopting trends – we were a little slow to embrace white walls and will probably have trouble embracing color.  What do you think?  Do you like some color on your walls or are you still enjoying the simplicity of a white wall?




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