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Mid-Century Modern Renovation in Denver

I finished this project over a year ago and waited until Modern in Denver published it this Fall to show you.  At first it was hard to wait, and then I forgot about it.  I think that describes a lot of waiting on things that you think you want.  At first it’s hard and then you just forget.

This project was an architect driven project.  I designed the kitchen and other pieces in the interior with his concept in mind.  When I work on a project with an architect, I am always interested in their vision for the home so that I can support and reinforce that vision with the interiors.  I think that collaboration is makes a good project great but many times, due to budget reasons, I get the floor plan and a few elevations but never get the chance to meet or communicate with the architect.  It’s almost like a baton is passed in a race when really I think design should a team sport.  This client involved me right from the start – we all met in their old dining room which became their living room and discussed all aspects of the design.

I would show you before photos, but the home changed so dramatically on the interior that the photos are meaningless.  This was a typical late 60’s ranch with 8′ ceilings, a formal living room at the front and a small, enclosed kitchen at the back of them home.   The architect was Ernest Cordova and the general contractor was JZ Construction.   Take a look at the finished product!

mid century modern
A view towards the custom front door, foyer and kitchen. The angled ceiling with new clerestory windows adds beautiful, indirect light. You can also see the dropped soffit that encircles the kitchen link up beautifully with the built-in in the entry.  (Photo by Sara Yoder and styled by Kristy Oatman for Laura Medicus Interiors)
mid century kitchen
This is my favorite photo of the galley kitchen.  The Colorado-made, custom cabinets and woodwork by Oak Tree Classic Woodworks are clad in African Mahogany.  The terrazzo floors are tiles by Nurazzo.    (Photo by Sara Yoder and styled by Kristy Oatman for Laura Medicus Interiors)

The kitchen is located at the front of the home now and new windows became the backsplash.  We tucked the electrical into the bottom of the cabinets.  The countertops are Absolute Black, polished.  The soffit that encircles this room is a “cloud structure” devised by the architect to enclose and define the space.  I clad it in the same wood as the cabinets to warm up the space and add to the drama.

galley mid century kitchen
Another view of the galley kitchen. The rug is from Shaver Ramsey and I love what it does to the space. We enclosed the cooktop hood inside of an upper cabinet.(Photo by Sara Yoder and styled by Kristy Oatman for Laura Medicus Interiors)
sliding screens to cover tv
The slatted screen slides apart to reveal the TV. I designed it to perfectly hide the side shelves when it’s apart. (Photo by Sara Yoder and styled by Kristy Oatman for Laura Medicus Interiors)

The wife has a Japanese heritage and that drove the slatted screen design above as well as the design of the front door.  I love when I client comes to the table with an idea or a design sensibility that is unique to them and their home.

powder room
The bubbled hex tile from Clayhaus makes this small room. The client saw this tile in San Francisco and wanted to use it somewhere. The floor is Montauk Black Slate. (Photo by Sara Yoder and styled by Kristy Oatman for Laura Medicus Interiors)
black and white shower
I took the dramatic black tile up the entire back wall of the shower for maximum impact. (Photo by Sara Yoder and styled by Kristy Oatman for Laura Medicus Interiors)

The style of this home is different than what I am usually asked to do and I absolutely loved diving into the mid-century world with my clients and the architect.

”We shape our homes and then our homes shape us.” – Winston Churchill





4 thoughts on “Mid-Century Modern Renovation in Denver”

  1. Love love love this house. I am such a fan of MCM anyway. Just wanted to say that this is one of the most attractive and appealing galley kitchens I have ever seen. I could cook in it 🙂

    Great Post!

    1. Thank you so much Gwen!!! I’ve always admired MCM and this was the first full-on project like it that I’ve had the chance to work on. It was a treat and I learned things from this that I was able to take and apply to different designs. Thank you for your kind words!

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