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Work from Home Style: Be Kind to Yourself


work from home messy style
This is my work from home feels right now. (Still from “10 Things I Hate About You”)

Does your work from home space feel like a 1990’s teen bedroom?  Mine doesn’t, but for some reason, those are the images that come to my mind when I think about WFH (Work from Home) style right now.  I think I’m craving a simpler time when we still had magazines to rip out and pin up, we didn’t have cell phones with terrible news bleating at us and we didn’t have pandemics to worry about.

teen bedrooms on film
I’d take this room in a heartbeat right now. (Still from “Bring it On”)

I’ve worked from home for years and am fortunate enough to have an entire little building in our backyard for my office.  It’s a former carriage house that we converted into an office and it’s always been calming for me and it’s especially so right now.  I feel for people that are trying to figure out ways to focus on their work from a home that’s not at all set up for that.

Whatever you can do to carve out your own spot – clear it and then start customizing and adding your own personality.  Instead of viewing this as temporary (which we all hope it is), view it as your spot for a while and take care of yourself.  Put up art and photos that make you happy.  When we view a situation as temporary, we don’t usually put any thought into the design of it.  Good design can ease stress.  Take care of your desk area now and even if it’s just for two weeks – it’s two weeks of having a pleasant workspace.

joyful work space
Add joy to your workspace with color and things that make you happy. (Photo Source)

Decorate with children’s art if you don’t have anything at the moment!  Jut put it up!  There’s no need to worry what anyone else will think now.

working at the dining table
A lot of us work from the dining room table. If it’s boring in there – put up some temporary art to cheer up your space. (Photo Source)

I’ve had a tremendous plant craving.  I think it’s my normal Springtime planting urge combined with being housebound.  Even though I’ve only really been home for about a week it has managed to feel like it’s been this way for months.  Some places are still open and delivering plants and if they’re not – head out to the yard to get some greenery inside for yourself.  It’s time in Colorado to start forcing blooms indoors!

plants in small office
This looks like an office in a former walk-in closet! Work with what you have. Grab some greenery! (Photo Source)

You can order a roll of cork and put it up near your desk.  The big box retailers sell this and will deliver it to you.

cork wall
The opportunity for fun here (along with productivity) is fantastic. I have a small cork wall in my office that I love (it’s no where near this neat). (Photo Source)
makeshift desk
This shows that plywood and sawhorses still work. (Photo source unknown)
diy desk
And another little DIY desk area. (Photo Source)

Or, you can always retreat to your bed and rule the world that way.

1990's teen bedroom
Movie Still from “Juno”

“Gonna start a revolution from my bed” – Oasis 





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