Current Sensibility

Current Sensibility: Decorating During the Pandemic

After having been at home now for almost a full month – I am craving color, pattern, more art, more books, more of everything!

Before the pandemic, when I would be home for a length of time, my instinct would be to purge, to get rid of things, to pare down to the essence.  I was never clear on what the essence of my house was and the process involved me throwing some things away and then kind of stomping around the house picking things up and feeling grumpy and self-righteous.

Right now, perhaps because I am longing to participate in group claps with people, longing to sing along with strangers in a crowd, longing even to feel annoyed with the stranger who decided to wear a cowboy hat to a crowded sporting event, I am feeling inspired with interiors that have color, art and pattern.  I have a certain disregard for rooms that are empty and museum-like right now.  I think part of that is a longing for a time when life was busier and a desire for comfort in a time of tremendous stress.

bookshelves in a bedroom
Layer upon layer – I could hole up in here for a week or 5, no problem. (Photo Source)
wood paneling living room
This is a gorgeous home – check out the full article if you have time. I love the casual art set up with the television. It’s easy and unpretentious. (Photo Source)
black entry way
I had a client introduce me to Kate Pearce and her wonderful thrift/vintage look – she’s fun to follow on Instagram! (Photo Source)
pink walls
This home is absolutely bonkers and I love it. (Photo Source)
pink walls
More pink walls because that’s what I’m feeling right now. Love this pink with that mustard yellow. (Photo Source)
bookshelves colorful
I love the colors here – the orange paired with the books is lovely.  Hanging art on a bookcase looks fantastic.  (Photo Source)

I like casual unpretentious interiors that give me a glimpse of the personalities of the inhabitants.  I’ve been enjoying seeing the backgrounds of the news anchors and experts on CNN.  I love seeing the color blocked bookshelves, the art and photographs displayed, the pillows arranged on sofas and it’s even interesting to me to see the offices or rooms of those for whom decoration seems unimportant.  How we live inside of our homes is so important right now and for me, it’s an endlessly interesting topic.

Here’s a quote from an interview in the NYTimes that I found immensely helpful today:  “It’s important to know that you don’t have to believe all your thoughts. You can choose the ones that are helpful.”  Jack Cornfield, from “Things Keep Getting Scarier.”




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