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Craving More: Vintage Bathroom Style

I am working on an obsession with vintage style bathrooms.  I’m still craving more of things – more art, more color and more pattern.  I’m bored of the seeing the same things online for sale on the big retail sites.  I’m ready to get back in the antique and junk shops and mix it up.  I’m ready to have a conversation with a stranger about how gorgeous that vintage lamp is and can you believe the shade is still with it?  I just don’t know where I’d put it.  I know – if I bring one more thing in my husband will kill me.  Do you know what I mean?  I miss pointless conversations with strangers that actually turned out to have a point:  human connection.

Here are some vintage-style bathrooms that have been perking me up recently:

classic bathroom with pink
The vintage tile details are classic and timeless. The blush ceiling is absolutely wonderful! (Photo Source)
vintage mirrors bathroom
This is a fun use of vintage mirrors that also gives you an excuse to go on the thrifting hunt! (Photo Source)
small powder room wallpaper
So small! So adorable even if your elbows hit the walls when you turn around. (Photo Source)
yellow ceiling bathroom
I may have to steal this idea – I love the idea of painting a beadboard ceiling a fun pop of color in a small bathroom. (Photo Source)
small corner sink
This is F. Schumacher’s Chiang Mai Dragon in my favorite color way and I love the painted beadboard. (Photo Source)
vintage marble sink
What a beautiful marble sink and I especially love the antique wall-mounted faucet. (Photo Source)
antiques bathroom
An antique filled bathroom? Yes please. I love that little wall hung soap dish.  (Photo Source)
antique mirror
I love the juxtaposition of the ornate mirror with the bare bulbs and simple setup. Add some vintage paintings and you can pretend you’re anywhere in the world. (Photo Source)
ornate mirror stone sink
Pairing an ornate mirror with a simple sink and surround just works. (Photo Source)

“You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.” Mahatma Gandhi

“Pink isn’t just a color it’s an Attitude too!”
Miley Cyrus






3 thoughts on “Craving More: Vintage Bathroom Style”

  1. My favorite bathroom in the list was the one with the pink ceiling, others were very creative also. Thanks for sharing the sample possibilities.

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