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Styling for Photos: Oh, the humanity!

I had a photo shoot yesterday of a newly remodeled project. My stylist, Kristy, and I did what we always do in order to get the home to look like it belongs in a magazine: we take out everything that is practical and functional.  It turns into a job of making a kitchen look like a place where humans don’t ever eat toast, don’t make coffee, don’t spill things on the floor and never ever leave papers out on the counter.  And, if there’s a dog – it’s a well behaved handsome beast who loves to sit pretty.

A project from a few years ago – we worked hard with Simba and his mom to get him to sit on a beautiful borrowed rug from Shaver-Ramsey. (Styled by Kristy Oatman and photograph by Sara Yoder for Laura Medicus Interiors)
This is more what life with a dog looks like. Meet Pepper from the client’s home we photographed yesterday. She’s a young dog was so excited to have us in her home.

The first thing Kristy, my stylist, and I do is take off everything that any normal human uses to sustain life every day and then we start filling the place with flowers, plants, art, pretty bowls and objects that have no real purpose but to look nice (kind of like my cat).

Kristy, pruning the forsythia.
Everything you see here (except for some white plates on a shelf in the back) was brought in by Kristy or myself. And no, we did not get to eat that bread.
Styling the bar: For these we usually add art, plants and flowers and then Pelligrino for color. Kristy brought the Topo-Chico along for color too and sometimes we’ll have bottles of Coke. We also always take down most of the client’s booze and glass ware.

What does any of this mean in terms of you styling your home? Take things away that you don’t use every day, put things back in their place, buy yourself flowers, use bowls, clean up behind yourself and have a good lookin’ dog. And, the most important thing to remember to cut yourself some slack – being human is messy work.

Here’s Kristy and I “adjusting” things at the bar. (Photo by Jordan Katz for Laura Medicus Interiors)

I’ll share the finished photographs from this project on the next blog!

Sometimes the world seems like a big hole. You spend all your life shouting down it and all you hear are echoes of some idiot yelling nonsense down a hole.” – Adam Duritz


2 thoughts on “Styling for Photos: Oh, the humanity!”

  1. Thank you for a peek “behind the curtain”. I needed to hear that life is messy today as I sit at my cluttered kitchen island with my barely trained pup! Happy Friday.

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