Collective Joy: Interior Inspiration for 2021

Have you enjoyed the plentiful Bernie Sanders memes from the Inauguration? There was something so normal and comforting about seeing him and then watching America’s response to him sitting in his warm, practical winter coat with his mittens and his unglamorous blue mask. I love that we all perked up with collective joy seeing Bernie sitting there in his Vermont finery.

I thought I would share a few photos that I’ve saved from Instagram recently for some late January inspiration as we speed towards February!

I love the creamy tones on the walls and the rough brick paired with the marble – lovely! Personally, I am not a big fan of glass showers, so I find this especially appealing. (Photo Source)
I’m a sucker for bookshelves and for Carolina Irving’s style. (Photo Source)
Wow! The red cabinets, the wood ceiling and wood walls are bold, yet warm. (Photo Source)
I thought this was brilliant – this is a carriage door re-painted and re-purposed as a large room divider. (Photo Source)
Undecorated yet styled carefully so as to seem casual – I love images like this. (Photo Source)
I’m a big fan of designer Rita Konig and her dining room is perfection. (Photo Source)
This floor! (Photo Source)

I recently finished An American Sunrise by Joy Harjo. It’s a beautiful book of poetry written by our 23rd National Poet Laureate who is a mem­ber of the Mvskoke Nation. If you’re looking for more thoughts about America – I recommend it!

“We had something to do with the origins of blues and jazz

I argued with a Pueblo as I filled the jukebox with dimes in June,

forty years later and we still want justice. We are still America. We

know the rumors of our demise. We spit them out. They die

soon.” – Joy Harjo, An American Sunrise


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