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Kitchen Design: A British Invasion

I’ve been slowly reading/savoring a coffee table book called May I Come In by Wendy Goodman. It’s a book with interiors that she’s photographed from the past 30 years and it reminds me of the feeling I would get from thumbing through a House & Garden back in the days before Instagram and Pinterest. As great as those apps can be, there is a sameness to the images there that isn’t fulfilling. I think it’s helpful to go back to books when I’m feeling uninspired. The following images aren’t from books, but they are kitchens that I’ve found especially inspiring this past month. A lot of my clients want the same thing that everyone else has and I’m guilty of that as well sometimes. It’s good to stretch a little and push yourself to be a little more unique. I think this might be true for almost everything in life except for maybe accounting.

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The island! I love the drawers and the cute turned legs with metal sabots. I’ve also been designing a few hoods like this with drywall or brick coming down on each side. I think that this white kitchen is made more interesting by the dark interior glazing on the left and I’m liking the warm, rustic brown floors.

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Old floors, a mix of brasses, a mix of countertops and an almost crazy amount of “things” laid out – I love it. I love minimalism, but when I try to do it in my own home, the empty walls and floors call to me to fill it with vintage rugs, vintage art and more plants. This is a Jean Stoffer kitchen which I’ve seen styled a few different ways. Either way you style it, Jean is just the best.

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Here’s another kitchen with art, objects and other untraditional kitchen elements I love this island also. I don’t love the drywall piece above it – but maybe it’s concealing a vent.

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I’ve been off and on trying to convince clients to forgo the kick space in their kitchens but have yet to talk anyone into it. I need to look at where I stand in my kitchen to see if I’m actively using my kick space. I really like the look of cabinets without the kick area though and I also really like seeing a dining table in the center of the kitchen instead of the expected island. I hoped that the kitchen table instead of island trend would catch on a few years ago but it didn’t…just like my hope for the no kick space it’s probably not very practical for most people.

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Colorful backsplashes are making a comeback! I’m excited for color in the backsplash after years of white and gray only. I recently put a beautiful blue/gray zellige tile in a white and wood kitchen and it really added some personality. You can keep the big pieces in the kitchen neutral and then add a pop with your tile. Also, notice the different brasses in this photo and then notice that it doesn’t matter at all for the overall feel of the room. Mixing woods and metals can create a more natural, relaxed vibe.

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Stunning pantry. I might just go inside here and daydream about making the cake and then never get around to it if I had this pantry. I also think it probably costs twice what mosts kitchens cost, but no matter! It’s gorgeous.

“Sometimes my kids might tell me they had a dream or and maybe I’ll paint some paintings from their dream. That’s one good thing you get from your kids. Rob them of their dreams.” – Julian Schnabel

3 thoughts on “Kitchen Design: A British Invasion”

  1. You summed up my thoughts exactly concerning holding an actual book or magazine and looking at images that someone thought enough of to actually invest money to have them printed for eternity.

    I loved your kitchen photos also! I am tired of a big island of white in a house with gray walls. I’ve been trying to put warm wood floors and interesting backsplashes in our spec homes for years.

    1. Instagram and Pinterest are great tools, but they really have created a world of sameness. They’ve also created a world of constant acquisition. I guess it helps out our industry, but you wonder if there’s a limit to it sometimes. Everyone woke up this year and now wants a Devol kitchen – funny how that works!

  2. I’ve been using a vintage cabinet piece to store our kitchen linens.
    We were just discussing that no kick space underneath allows the wheelchair some turn around in our galley and our cats love hiding below with their food dish.

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