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Get Your Color On!

Note that sky blue ceiling with the gorgeous wood paneling! (Source)

Lately painting or papering ceilings is everywhere you look and I love the bright, robin’s egg blue of the ceiling in the sushi restaurant above. I also love the giant sconces on the wall that look like flush mount lights just mounted as a wall light.

A little closet bar painted tomato soup red! (Source)

I love it when a small space is painted one dramatic color like this little bar.

Love the blue tile backsplash! (Source)

White or neutral backsplashes have been in style for a while with kitchens – this unexpected bit of blue behind the stove is pretty awesome!

What a color! (Source)

The cute little green kitchen is a great case for buying quality cabinets that will last a lifetime and then painting them for an upgrade.

Turn right at the mustard yellow farmhouse…. (Source)

Mustard yellow is an historic color but here it’s used in a modern way.

The color is sweet but not as sweet as those little asymmetrical drawers! (Source)

This cute fireplace built-in is in the mustard yellow farmhouse. I love the use of bright color on the unique cabinets here.

Pattern and color! (Source)

I love that dining room above and I’m not someone who likes a lot of pattern. There’s something comforting about the mis-matched things that look like they’ve accumulated gradually over time. As a designer, I don’t love rooms that look like they were decorated all in one day. I love seeing an accumulated look, even if it was done in a day of design planning, I think this is the ultimate goal: To create rooms that look like they’ve evolved over time.

This is an adorable little bathroom floor. (Source)
Fabulous for a lot of different reasons (Source)

There green tile is amazing, but so are the light fixtures, the console double sinks and if I could just find a vintage mirror like that for my bathroom….

Pale pink, blue with brass, wood and marble – sign me up! (Source)

Unexpected color almost always works as a design element. We’ve lived through a good decade or so of gray and white and it’s so nice to see color and vintage pieces back in the mix. I hope it stays with us for a while.

This is October, but the last two lines of this poem have been my mantra for the past month:

September Song by Geoffrey Hill

Undesirable you may have been, untouchable
you were not. Not forgotten
or passed over at the proper time.

As estimated, you died. Things marched,
sufficient, to that end.
Just so much Zyklon and leather, patented
terror, so many routine cries.

(I have made
an elegy for myself it
is true)

September fattens on vines. Roses
flake from the wall. The smoke
of harmless fires drifts to my eyes.

This is plenty. This is more than enough.

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