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Vintage Bathroom Inspiration: Red and Pink Tile

I had the pleasure of touring a circa 1904 home here in Denver with original millwork and one original bathroom semi-intact. I love dilapidated beauty and I love original home details. The site visit was so invigorating I walked away with the key in my pocket and had to go back the next day and put it in the lockbox. Here are a few of the bathroom photos from the home and after that are a few inspiration photos for how to either update and incorporate vintage tile or how to replicate the spirit of the vintage look. I’m focusing on red and pink tile for this post and will post more in the upcoming weeks with different colors of vintage tile.

Here she is with the original tile!
LOOK at this hex floor tile. The size is unusual
and so is the texture/grout spacing.
They bordered the hex floor tile with a slim tile piece to meet the tile baseboard. The size of the subway tile is interesting also.
A faded beauty!

And here we go with inspiration for red and pink tile!

If you have an unusual wall tile color – wallpaper can help make it magical (Photo Source)
Vintage style with a few updates (Photo Source)
An adorable modern take on a vintage look (Photo Source)
Red paneling adds some vintage style. The random floor tile is interesting! (Photo Source)
Red and cream – gorgeous tile trim pieces too! (Photo Source)
Keeping it simple with white accessories. (Photo Source)
Retro fun – toned down with all the white! (Photo Source)
Here’s another that works I think because everything around it is very simple. (Photo Source)
A new bathroom with the vintage look! (Photo Source)
Pink paneling with a great floor! (Photo Source)
Another updated vintage inspired look. (Photo Source)

Pink is just fancy red.


2 thoughts on “Vintage Bathroom Inspiration: Red and Pink Tile”

  1. My Aunt Mabel had a delightful bathroom done all in rose tile and fixtures. It was magical, with gold pendant lights, and a gold lipstick holder filled with many tubes held upright. Thanks for taking me back!

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