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Vintage Bathroom Inspiration: Green and Black Tile

This week I’ve got another round of vintage bathroom inspiration. What I like about this style is it’s bold and easy. You don’t have to hunt down a certain ceramicist for a particular tile glaze, you don’t have to do a whole lot of soul searching to design this type of bathroom AND it will look spectacular. This week the theme is green, white and black!

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The photo above is a great example of how simple this look really is. Black and white tile in a cute check pattern for the floor and large format green tile for the walls. There’s nothing too precious or overly expensive here and it gets the design idea across.

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I really love how color is used for the wainscot here. This square tile is a little more modern looking than the 3×6 rectangle – I love it! I also love the soft green – it reminds me of an old school hallway for some reason.

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I love the green used just for the trim pieces only. What a fun, unexpected detail and it’s paired with the larger square tile. I really like the border on this checkerboard floor too.

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I love this shade of green – it’s got some yellow in it that’s appealing. I also love that they used a square, mosaic floor tile rather than the traditional hex tile. It’s a really cute bathroom and that’s the sink I was looking at for my bathroom until I acknowledged that I needed storage.

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This floor isn’t just black and white but it reads a lot like a black and white bathroom. The walls are painted black with black chair rail and black base – this has a lot of drama.

(Photo Source)

That last image is the Polo Bar’s restroom in New York City. I love the boldness of the green, black and white combination. It looks great paired with brass and, even though green is trendy right now, I think it can be a classic look.

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