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Decorating Home Bars

Happy November! Just like clockwork, my inbox is getting “Best of 2022” emails, end of year round-ups and other farewell 2022 missives. We are quick to say goodbye, let’s wrap up and let’s move on. Louis L’Amour wrote: “There will come a time when you believe everything is finished; that will be the beginning.” What an appealing thought as we enter mid-fall and head towards winter.

This week I’m sharing some photos of a recently finished dry bar at a home in Denver’s Hilltop neighborhood. I’m adding a few other bars from client’s past to the mix as well.

A dry bar in the recently finished White and Black Kitchen project. (Photo by Jordan Katz for Laura Medicus Interiors)

A dry bar is a home bar without a sink in case you’re wondering. I’ll have clients shoot me a panicked look when I mention “dry bar”, but it’s just indicating that there’s no sink. We added a little bit of drama to this bar with the black picket tile. I chose a black grout to keep it on the dark side.

A detail of the bar (Photo by Jordan Katz for Laura Medicus Interiors)

This client picked up vintage cocktail books at a local used bookstore. If you don’t have any books on your bar, I think they look great and going used is an affordable way to fill the shelves in a little. Plus, you might find something good!

Styling with oranges and limes is easy and eye-catching. I always clip leaves from other things and place in with the citrus to give it a little bit more appeal. (Photo by Jordan Katz for Laura Medicus Interiors)

I like placing colorful canned drinks out on the bar for some color. The gold shaker is a fun touch too!

I purchased the ceramic cats at a local pottery sale. They’e modeled after the potter’s cat. Check out her website: Jessica Ann Pottery – she has awesome stuff! One day I was driving along and saw a sign that said “Pottery Sale Today” and before I knew it my car pulled a u-turn and I was parking. I’m not at all sure how that happened. The round floral platter is from CB2 and I found the white raised bowl at a thrift store. A little bit of vintage looks great on a bar.

I added a plaster bust of Shakespeare for something different. (Photo by Jordan Katz, styled by Kristy Oatman for Laura Medicus Interiors)
A wet bar made more interesting by the shimmering, polished black marble tile. (Photo by Jordan Katz, styled by Kristy Oatman for Laura Medicus Interiors)

My weakness is wearing too much leopard print.”

Jackie Collins

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