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Let’s Get Interesting: 7 Rooms with Character

Any time I want to get a little down on myself, I start wishing I were normal. What is normal to me? I think it’s someone who watches Yellowstone along with everyone else, someone who doesn’t have a home filled with thrift and antique shop furniture and someone who has a “normal” yard filled with green grass. Anytime in my life that I’ve tried to be what I would call “normal” – it’s backfired on me and I’ve hated the furniture that I’ve bought, been bored by the hot new tv show and I’ve always done something weird to take away anything normal about a front lawn. I look at other people who have achieved normalcy in my eyes with envy. Applause to you.

So, this won’t surprise you, I’m still loving anything a little different in terms of interiors. Color is still trending, black and brown are really popular now and so is pattern. I waxed rhapsodic about brown recently to a client and I could sense the eye roll, but they were kind enough to let me get through my speech. All of this is cyclical (trendy) and I’m excited for the next few years in design. Here are a few images I’ve been loving recently in the world of interiors.

How adorable is this? (Photo Source)
Warm and cozy. I love brick flooring in laundry, mudrooms and back entry’s! That yellow is a bold choice. (Photo Source)
This is a color palette you don’t see much – that tile with that pale blue door! This has a little bit of a movie set look to it which appeals to me. (Photo Source)
Another room in the same home – I like how some of the colors are repeated. This is a very unusual kitchen and wow is it interesting to look at! (Photo Source)
Brown shower tile? Yes! And I really like it!! (Photo Source)
This paper with that marble and cool faucet! (Photo Source)
Fun tile patterns, beautiful marble! (Photo Source)

“If you are different from the rest of the flock, they bite you” 
― Vincent O’Sullivan, The Next Room


3 thoughts on “Let’s Get Interesting: 7 Rooms with Character”

  1. I too like brown. Some browns are murky and depressing but done well it is nurturing and cosy. Never was a fan of the grey trend.

  2. Delightful read, gorgeous rooms. Especially love the “movie set” foyer, so pretty. And that quote at the end from Vincent O’Sullivan, they will indeed bite you.

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