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We Could Call it Even: Decorating for the Holidays

I really like Christmas lights this time of year. I am powered by sunshine and when it gets so dark so early my natural instinct is to hunker inside for the season which does no one any good. Twinkle lights are an easy way to lift my spirits and they are better for me than sugar, which also lifts my spirits. Here are some pretty decorating ideas for you during this dark (and cold) time of year.

Love how easy this is – throw some lights up and you’ve got a welcoming entrance! (Source unknown)
Love the festive and handmade feel of this hallway. (Photo Source)
Another easy way to add some flair. (Photo Source)
These are pretty and affordable from an Etsy vendor! (Photo Source)
I don’t have a staircase like this in my home, but if I did there would be a garland on it. I think lights on it would be nice for a night light also. (Photo Source)
A fresh garland looks amazing, but if you don’t have the budget, or live near the woods, there are a lot of decent faux garlands out there. This is easy to put up and it looks like you tried. (Photo Source)
Easy and cheap candy cane garland idea! (Photo Source)

Can you tell I am a fan of Easy and Cheap?

The road to Easy Street goes through the sewer.”

John Madden

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