A Year in the Life of this Denver Designer (Part 2)

How are you faring this last week before Christmas? As I write this, we have extreme cold blowing into town. I was at a local plumbing store this morning that was jam-packed with plumbers picking up supplies. If you’re the spouse of a plumber, I guess just know they’ll be making some money, but they’ll also be working the holiday. In our old house I will drip the kitchen faucet and leave the cabinet doors open underneath for good measure. Every year this presents a problem though when the other members of the household helpfully close the door and turn off the tap….they help when I don’t want them to help.

Here’s the last half of my highlight reel from this past year and I’m looking forward to seeing what next year will bring!

Darker wood cabinets and flooring are creeping back in style! I love the wall color in this room too.
This is Luxury Vinyl Plank in one of my favorite colors/flavors. I use this in basements all the time. There’s a matching stair nosing/tread that goes with this.
Progress in the old Denver Square, Congress Park home. Look at the waterfall countertop!
This is at an older home in Denver’s Park Hill neighborhood. Aren’t those windows beautiful? The black cabinets are red oak painted black. In person you can really see the wood grain.
This is early summer at a big job site in Hilltop that’s about to wrap up right now. I love these windows. The horizontal grids are repeated throughout the home.
I usually do just one wall in a color or a pattern, but this client was up for using this lovely green on all three shower walls – Love it!
Newly installed walnut inset cabinets on either side of a fireplace for another Hilltop client. I love the arch! This house had really pretty arches all throughout.
Beetle wallpaper in a landscape designer’s home – newly installed. Also you can’t go wrong with that Kelly Wearstler sconce!
Newly installed marble fireplace surround – love this marble.
New soapstone installed on a new walnut island. We kept the perimeter cabinets and painted them.
This is a very prominent home in a neighborhood in Golden. All of the neighbors were “concerned” about the exterior of the home and stopped by and stared at the project frequently. Every time I came by there would be someone standing and staring at it, no exaggeration. This is the exterior before it was painted. I don’t know if I’ve ever worked on a home that’s been more discussed. PS. I’ve heard that everyone loves it now.
Newly installed terrazzo tile on a bathroom floor!
Good-looking pantry wall at a home remodel in Lakewood. The upper cabinet on the bottom left raises up so you can keep your appliances plugged in inside. More soapstone used in this kitchen!
Another waterfall edge at a home in Hilltop. Waterfall edges, quartzite and soapstone were popular again this last year!

I’m going to leave off November and December because they feel too recent to me. If you’re curious – follow me on Instagram or Facebook. I try to post current projects in my stories and sometimes in my feed. You’ll have to wade through quite a few client pet photos – apologies in advance. There are a number of projects that I’ve kicked off this past year but they haven’t started yet so I don’t have anything to share. What good is a Before photo without an After?!

Here’s a quote from another favorite book I read this year:

“So please, don’t judge me. There is no one more disappointing to me than myself.” 
― Sara Nović, True Biz


2 thoughts on “A Year in the Life of this Denver Designer (Part 2)”

  1. Your work is so beautiful and I always enjoy your comments and stories! Keep it going in the new year, friend! Happy holidays!

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