Current Sensibility

Current Sensibility: Vintage and More Vintage

Snow is falling outside right now and I’ve got a hot mug of Earl Gray next to me. I love the smell of Bergamot – it smells like happiness. I just repainted my office Backwoods by Benjamin Moore and I am loving it. It’s a forest green that’s so forest green you can smell the pine needles. I’m finding I don’t need to do as much with the room as I did when it was painted white. I’m trying to go slow decorating it so I don’t regret nail holes if you know what I mean.

Here are a few interior images that caught my eye recently on Instagram. Some of them I’ve seen before and loved and maybe have even shared before.

Lots of beautiful things in the space, but how about that red pantry!? (Photo Source)
I love this classic living room by Gil Schafer. This is an image that stops me every time I see it pop up. It’s great use of space. (Photo Source)
I love the look of this cosy little home office. (Photo Source)
I love wood paneling and I really love this house by Lauren Liess. This is Juniper v-groove paneling some of which is original to the house. (Photo Source)
A traditionally detailed bathroom – I love it! Cute arch where the clawfoot lives and I like the gold frame around the glass. (Photo Source)
Another clawfoot – this one in a wet room. I like the black and brown in this room. (Photo Source)
I love all of Keith McNally’s houses and this is the one I come back to over and over again. I like a home where you can set down a coffee mug, put your feet up, and let a dog sit next to you. (Photo Source)

It is not easy to give closeness and freedom, safety plus danger.” A quote about motherhood that resonates with me right now.

Florida Scott-Maxwell – The Measure of My Days

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