Current Sensibility

Interiors for Spring from this Daydream Believer

We’re almost halfway through May and I have barely noticed. I don’t want to be a person who brag-complains about how busy they are, but it’s. been. busy. and time feels like it’s speeding up. I’m someone who needs a little daydream time built into my work week to keep me feeling creative and I’ve had trouble giving that to myself this Spring. I realize that daydreaming isn’t on the checklist for a successful person’s daily goals but it really should be.

I used to enjoy reading about how successful women managed and ran their days until I realized that getting up at 5:30 is considered essential as well as scheduling your day in 15 minute increments. Who wants to micro-manage their daily life that way? You need time to handle emergencies, time to talk to clients about their pets and kids, time to respond with care to an urgent email and time to think, plan and get things done and, maybe, time to stop and listen to a song. And, for goodness sake, you need time to daydream.

Here are a few images that managed to stop me in my tracks for a brief moment this May….

I love this office that appears to tucked into a closet space. Perfect little spot to get some work done. (Photo Source)
I love the drama here – both the branches and the painted checkerboard floor. (Photo Source)
Let’s hear it for vintage bathrooms! (Photo Source)
What a dream, right? Would you ever get tired of living here? (Photo Source)
It’s been hard to miss this room on Instagram the last month. The colors are striking, the vintage pieces are strong and that gallery wall is perfect. (Photo Source)
Another circular table with a large arrangement?? I sense a theme! (Photo Source)

“How do you smuggle daydreams into reality?” 
― David Mitchell, Number9Dream


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