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Shrugging at Fire Weather

Ever since the incredibly destructive Marshall Fire in 2021, when I look at my phone in the morning for the day’s weather, I see two words on a regular basis: “Fire Weather.” What a great way to wake up.

This week we’ve had Fire Weather almost every day. If you’re not from here and you’re wondering what on earth does this entail?! It involves high wind and dry, dusty conditions. It’s the kind of weather that has you looking for Furiosa and wondering if the plains of Denver will be a viable area to live in twenty years. It’s become so commonplace, that at a job site yesterday, one of the guys heard the wind picking up outside and asked the group – is it going to rain? My GC answered with three words, casually said: “No, Fire Weather.” and we all shrugged and moved on with the meeting.

That’s where you’ll find me lately. I’m over here shrugging at the words “Fire Weather” with my fellow human beings. I’m not sure how I can segue from this to interiors, but I think that’s the point. We’re living with daily external stress in the modern world and our homes very much matter to us. Here are a few images that I’ve been loving lately.

I like the modern black and white with the older look of the plumbing! (Photo Source)
So many beautiful things to love here! That window, the floors, the paneling and great lamps! (Photo Source)
I love the fabric on this window seat and what a cool sconce! (Photo Source)
I like the hidden cupboard feel of this little kitchen and what a great green! (Photo Source)
Love the giant pink dog painting! (Photo Source)
I love this piano bench!! (Photo Source)
Lovely minimal, yet colorful, kitchen. (Photo Source)

Life is full of surprises, but never when you need one.

Calvin & Hobbes

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