Pineapple Sandwich

I recently listened to an Alison Rosen podcast where she and her crew discussed sandwiches they enjoy that others might think strange.  One of them was a butter sandwich.  Two slices of bread (not toasted) and a nice smear of butter.  It doesn’t sound terrible to me, but it does make me imagine someone whose source of heat is a can of sterno.  As it turns out, there’s another, upstate New York version of this which is the salami and butter sandwich – it looks more upscale but still smacks of an empty kitchen.Salami and Butter

pineapple-tea-sandwichHave you ever heard of a pineapple sandwich?  This is a traditional Southern phenomenon that consists of mayonnaise and pineapple (with American cheese added occasionally).  The picture on the left makes it look fancy – but I don’t think it originated this way.  My own go to “odd” sandwich is Dijon mustard, cheddar cheese and sliced mushrooms – microwaved.   I refer to it as “The Joyce” for the friend who introduced it to me in high school using canned mushrooms and pita bread if I recall correctly.

I think a lot of these types of sandwiches come from where you are economically or how lazy/creative you are when you realize there’s not much in the cupboard and a trip to the store seems just too much to be asked for when there’s a can of pineapple looking you in the face.

Grilled goat Cheese with Cashew Relish Sandwich

Here’s a good lookin’, gourmet sandwich to get the visual taste out of your mouth – if I could ever plan ahead to a time when I wasn’t about to keel over from hunger when I decide to make a sandwich, this would be it.  Click on the photo to get the recipe and check out the site: princesstofu.com.  It’s much prettier than my regional sandwich links.  What types of odd sandwiches do you have in your past?


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