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Artist Crush

paper sculptures detailMeet Elsa Mora, but you can call her Elsita – a Cuban artist who has a new blog about papercutting that highlights her own work and others in this world.  It is very much worth your time.  Her work is incredible – there’s something about the nature of working in paper that really grabs me.  In a way – it is like a graffiti artist who knows that their work exists in a brief moment of time.   There is something so fleeting and fragile that holds my attention.

Papercutting is an old art that I don’t see much anymore outside of my daughter’s pop-up books on fairies.  She sells her things on Etsy and I would encourage you to peruse her store.  Here are a few more images from her website: 

paper ring Por-Dentro.-Paper-Sculpture-by-Elsa-MoraCosmopolitan-China1I saw the above image this morning and just had to share.  I hope you enjoy her work as much as I do.


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