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Displaying the Love

“I’ve been in love with love and the idea of something binding us together, you know that love is strong enough, and I’ve seen time tell tales about that systematic drug, yeah that heart that beats as one, it’s collectively, unconsciously composed.” from The Mowgli’s song San Francisco

I have been feeling the love of family and friends this past week.  Not only have I drawn immense comfort from these loving and kind people, but I’ve also drawn comfort from my home.  Art, books, objects, plants – in general the things that are meaningful to me.  I have a very small grouping of framed photographs and I realized this week that most of my photographs are digital.  Over the next month my plan is to remedy this situation.  Here are a few visual ideas to get you going in case you too have beautiful photographic screen savers of friends and loved ones, but none on the actual wall.

Mass appeal
This is a great example of a mass grouping of photographs and art. What helps to make this less chaotic is how tightly they are spaced and the mat color. Love it!
Instagram display
I love Instagram – I like the filters and I especially enjoy the square format. I’ve tried sending them to the typical photo retailers (Walgreens, ahem) and they do very odd things to the size. Http:// will print them out for you as they were meant to be seen outside of your phone. Above is an Instagram wall display.
Here’s a great solution for a long hallway. I like the idea of ledges – and they don’t have to be your typical Pottery Barn style – here’s a museum style ledge that’s really interesting.
This is more of a Pottery Barn style display except a little more so. I like how they used a short wall and just stacked the ledges up.
This is a great system for pinning up photographs so they can be easily changed out. I like the less messy look of using a mat. You could just buy a stack of mats and then change the photo that’s in them out once in a while. It looks organized, yet it’s easy, affordable and changeable.
when all else fails
I call this the “When all else fails” approach. This room is eclectic and busy already and I think this super casual approach to photographs works well.


1 thought on “Displaying the Love”

  1. What a great idea, and such a cognizant realization of the interrelationships among ones family and friends. Thank you for sharing and showing what you are talking about in this blog.

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