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My Love Affair with the Pouf

Vintage Moroccan Kilim Poufs – for the eclectic interior – visit Victoria Taylor’s shop on Etsy.
mushroom pouf
For your own Alice in Wonderland moment – from Anthropologie

Poufs are a fantastic way to add instant style to an interior.  They’re a small and relatively inexpensive way to inject a touch of excitement and color to your room.  They’re also portable – you can easily move them to provide either a footstool or another seat at a party.  I used to have a beautiful white, moroccan leather pouf until Sylvia decided that it really needed to be in her room.  I finally got tired of hauling it out of there and then seeing her roll it back in moments later (she’s only 7); it’s officially hers now.  Check out this small collection of poufs here – keep in mind that this is just a drop in the bucket compared to what’s available in retail now.  For where to purchase, just click on the photo!

Knotted Poufs: These look like something your cat might enjoy – these poufs are functional sculpture!
silver pouf
Moroccan silver pouf: I have this one for myself (Sylvia has left it alone). The shine adds a bit of life to whatever room you put it in. These come in all colors of the rainbow! Tazi Designs is my favorite shop to purchase these, but many people sell them.
odomez pouf
The Odomez Pouf by Missoni Home – check out the rest of their collection for other showstopper poufs!  Or, if you have a favorite fabric in mind, why not have this made at a local upholstery shop?
Casual Roped Cotton Poufs – really fun!
chevron pouf
This is from Aleta Fae’s shop on Etsy where she sells custom, handmade poufs in fun, sturdy fabrics. Lots of shops on Etsy sell handmade poufs – so poke around!
pretty pouf
I’ll end on this beautiful pouf and bizarre photo. Why on earth a badger would be lurking in the background is beyond me, but it does make for an interesting photo. If anyone knows anything about this pouf or photo please let me know!


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