Current Sensibility

Beauty in the Unfinished

I sketch a lot for my clients – it helps me add further to the design of their space and communicate visually my design intent.  Words can be frequently misinterpreted, especially when a design professional is attempting to describe a space to a layman.  I occasionally draw for other designers and I most recently drew a few sketches for O Interior Design (my former employer).  I always enjoy the process – but this time I found myself especially enjoying the unfinished work.

Dining Room Sketch
I like the layers of trace mixed with lines that almost mechanize the drawing. This is a preliminary for a dining room.
Living Room sketch
This one is even more layered and more ghostly. Something about the layering here tells a story to me of lives lived and lives still living.

To me, layers and rough drafts provide a dimension of possibility that a final drawing or artwork doesn’t have.  It could be why model home design doesn’t interest me.  It seems too perfect, too closed for possibilities and change.

Dining BW
Final Sketch for Dining Room
Living BW
Final sketch for Living Room

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